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Band Name Tash
Album Name V
Type Album
发布日期 14 二月 2015
出版公司 Self-Released
音乐风格Death Black


1. Glorify the Butcher 03:32
2. Out of the Northern Sea 05:40
3. Pyroclastic Genocide 05:11
4. Necromorphosis 04:30
5. Mutilation for Holiness 03:55
6. Entitled Worm 04:05
7. Chaos Enraptured 04:54
8. Burnt Flesh Afterbirth 03:22
9. Open Satanic Warfare 03:06
10. Crown of Fire 03:34
11. Diabolical Insidious Masquerade 05:31
Total playing time 47:20

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评阅 @ jimicok

26 七月 2015

Good Job, a bridge between two worlds

Exploding like a bomb on the head of Palestinians the V of Tash suddenly appears in the table of The Black Metal world.
Tash is a solo project of Daniel Mowrey who carries out the project so unique, is an American black metal project that was initiated its existence in 2010, but it wasn't until 2014 that the first job out under his name, marking a frenzy of material, and this disc, the February 14, 2015 his fifth album, as well the name implies.
In V we find a violent, dirty, and dark Black Metal, that will remind projects like A Transylvanian Funeral, but also hints of melodies, and harmonic passages of guitars, which gives a broader meaning to work, and while advance the minutes one travels between the melody of music, and brutality of Black Metal.
Eleven executions and little more than three quarters of an hour are what make the passage of the V, which from a simplicity and minimalism, managed to impose a very strong impression. Violent and melodic Black Metal, a nascent proposal from North America is leaving a large number of projects of great interest.
From a technical level, Tash on this album, brings a sober drums, games of guitars where it goes from complicated steps of high tones at different times to thunderous fast and serious riff, in terms of the base, ranging from a double pedal marking and faster, until half time locked and heavy. The voices, play between high and low, are the lowest mixing, not quality, but on the volume that was given, sometimes seems to get lost among the other instruments.
V is a great example of that is possible to innovate without being antithetical to what is already known, an almost flawless sound, which at times seems to have deliberately sought saturation in order to finish creating the environment that brings the disk when viewing the cover art. It is a new album of Black Metal, taking influence of the numerous streams that shaped the genre, but that in turn is a space to place their own, Tash on this album V reintroduces a connection between The Black Metal more raw and closed, violent and dirty and more tending to the melodic tributaries.
Hard to believe Out of the Northern Sea, Mutilation for Holiness and Satanic Open Warfare, for only three examples, can coexist in the same album, but here in this draft Sanford in North Carolina demonstrated that regardless rock rises will always be a Black Metal project born and brought a new proposal, which can be taken into account or discarded, but will find a way, by one means or another to run the listener's ear.
Tash new figurine of America brings heavy material, this, their fifth album V which like his previous works, are released in digital format by Daniel Mowrey is a variant of a known manner and to gather The Black Metal more crude and accurate to the melodie of complex passages in guitars, a disc, dirty, dark, violent and melodic, a dark pearl of 2015 would not have to leave in oblivion.

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