Towards Eternity

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Band Name Auvernia
Album Name Towards Eternity
Type Album
发布日期 2008
出版公司 Self-Released
音乐风格Progressive Heavy


1. A New World Is Born
2. A Little of Lust
3. How Cruel Is Destiny
4. You Will Come
5. Interludio N° 1
6. Inherent Rage
7. Running on the Road
8. The Master Throne
9. The Successor
10. Blue Blood (X-Japan Cover)
11. The Show Must Go on (Queen Cover)

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评阅 @ DawnOfWinterSolstice

30 十月 2010
Every now and then, there comes along a band that simply blows your mind,leaves you wondering, and makes it near impossible to find words to describe it. Auvernia is one of these bands. I will attempt to describe their sound by dismissing their label as "Progressive Power Metal", and just tell you the seemingly never ending influences this band draws from.

Yes it is true the main format of Auvernia's music is progressive power metal however, the band draws from jazz, industrial, blues, symphonic, extreme metal, and classical music. It is obviously very epic, in a triumphant sort of way. I can't describe it it or give it justice because the variety (and quality) of the music is just so overwhelming. Every time I put on "Towards Eternity", I am still so surprised that this band even attempted let alone successfully made this album. One moment I can be listening to an industrial sounding song, and and within a few seconds be listening to insanely complex breakdowns (dont let this deceive you, these are nothing similar to typical metalcore moshing breaks), followed by a jazz guitar riff, all over a progressive, complicated, yet still catchy metal song.

The vocalist alone should praised as equally as this band. Fernando H. Varela does the guitar and vocal work. Not only is he capable of making obscure, complex, epic, catchy guitar parts, but can sing in an incredible opera style of power metal vocals (with a huge octave range, may I add), as well as extreme vocals heard in extreme metal. The extreme vocals he pulls off aren't strained enough to be considered traditional black metal, yet not guttural enough to be considered death growls. It is a nice mid point that maintains a fair amount of choruses. It is also impressive that he harmonizes with both types of vocals, something very subtle, yet makes the songs perfect to the touch.

I cannot praise this album enough,the variety of genres, talent of the musicians, as well as in-depth thought out song structure keeps bringing me back to listen to this album over and over again. I could go on forever about this album, but I will not, I can simply tell you however that if you are a fan of music in general, their is no reason as to why you should not be listening to this album right now.

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Mercenarion - 30 十月 2010: An amazing review for an amazing album by an amazing band.
DawnOfWinterSolstice - 02 五月 2011: haha, sorry for the extremely late reply, thanks man. Hail Auvernia!
Oferiko - 09 九月 2013: This is one of the most monstrous albums I have ever heard. \m/

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