This Is It

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Band Name Bride
Album Name This Is It
Type Album
发布日期 2003
音乐风格Heavy Metal


Re-issue in 2006 by RETROACTIVE RECORDS with different cover and four Bonustracks from the
"This Is It" demo release entitled "RAW".
1. Blow It All Away
2. To the Sky
3. More Than Human
4. Drop D
5. Head Lookin' for a Bullet
6. Best I Expect to Do
7. Evil Geniuses
8. Revolution
9. Baren River Blues
10. Microphone
11. Short Time in the Grave
12. Universe
13. White Elephant
Bonustracks (2006 Re-Issue)
14. Blow It All Away (Raw Demo)
15. Is This the Now (Raw Demo)
16. Bring Me Down (Raw Demo)
17. Burning Love (Raw Demo)