The Forgotten Goddess

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Band Name Echoes Of Eternity
Album Name The Forgotten Goddess
Type Album
发布日期 13 二月 2007
出版公司 Nuclear Blast
音乐风格Progressive Metal


1. Burning with Life 01:35
2. Expressions of Flesh 04:13
3. Voices in a Dream 04:44
4. Towers of Silence 04:26
5. The Forgotten Goddess 04:49
6. The Kingdom Within 06:18
7. Circles in Stone 04:58
8. Garden of the Gods 04:53
9. Lost Beneath a Silent Sky 04:29
10. Adrif 01:58
Total playing time 42:23

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评论 @ Vinrock666

14 六月 2008
The Forgotten Goddess is a well executed and decently produced debut album from Echoes of Eternity. Brandon Patton, the rhythm guitarist, employs plenty of thrash-like riffs giving the overall sound the heaviness it needs to compliment the angelic voice of Francine Boucher. Boucher, for her part, does an excellent job of using her voice like an instrument and "plays" her part in harmony with the songs as opposed to "singing" her lines like a diva. An unfortunate side effect of this style is an over-production of her vocals. She is overdubbed and echoed throughout the album. Still, she can carry a tune and the rest of the band follows suit with a very clean and technically sound approach to each song. The band also seems to be honing in a sound to call their own. Although most of the tracks have multiple sounds and styles within each piece, throughout the course of the whole album, this then becomes a pattern. Most of the better songs appear around the first half of the album with "The Forgotten Goddess" being the highlight in the middle. Even though it seems they've run out of creative juice at the end, the musicianship will make you stay till the end and perhaps even beyond to the possibilities for future releases. Well produced in most areas, the bass comes out sounding weak and shadowy next to the rhythm parts. The drumming is solid with some nice fills throughout. At best, this is a solid effort with the highest compliment that you are hearing a very good band play rather than the singer highlighted with a session group in the background.

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