The Collection

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Band Name Hellkult
Album Name The Collection
Type Compilation
发布日期 五月 2004
音乐风格Pagan Black


1. From the Darkest Depths
2. Satanic War
3. We Crucify You Again
4. God Is the Enemy
5. Darkness
6. Unholy Christian Holocaust
7. The Summoning of Elder Gods
8. True Victory of Evil
9. Chambers of Poisoned Sleep
10. Satanic Warmetal
11. Hail War
12. Those Of Pure Heathen Blood
13. Der Sieg Ist Unser
14. Marching Towards the Dawning of a New Empire
15. Gods of the Storm
16. Global Persecution
17. Warcry
18. Winterkrig
19. Ancient Pagan Earth Reborn
20. Eternal Victory

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