Tend No Wounds

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Band Name Black Tusk
Album Name Tend No Wounds
Type EP
发布日期 23 七月 2013
出版公司 Relapse Records
音乐风格Sludge Metal


1. A Cold Embrace 01:55
2. Enemy of Reason 03:27
3. The Weak and the Wise 05:34
4. Internal/Eternal 04:51
5. Truth Untold 03:49
6. In Days of Woe 03:12
Total playing time 22:48

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15 九月 2013

Solid Swamp Metal

Metal trio Black Tusk is one that specializes in mixing dark and sludgy with rowdy and heavy. They formed in 2005 from Savannah, Georgia, and released a good number of albums over the years, including "Taste the Sin" in 2010 and "Set the Dial" in 2011. The latest addition to this discography would be their EP release in 2013 called "Tend No Wounds." Though not their best work, it does prove to be enjoyable for a number of factors.

The musicianship from this band is greatly showcased here, per usual. The trio of vocal roars and growls deliver great vigor and ferocity to the audience, as well as the rest of the instrumentation. The heavy guitars unleash some very raw and potent riffs that suit the sludge metal genre just perfectly. As for the drums, they play their part nicely, too, accompanying the rest of the musical destruction quite nicely. Overall, "Tend No Wounds" certainly fares well in terms of the musicians' performances.

The mixing of the album also does its job well. It was carried out by Phillip Cope, who also does vocal and guitar work for sludge legends Kylesa. This is not much of a surprise, considering how full-bodied and powerful the garage-like sound is, adding to the music's heaviness. Along with the musicianship, the sound production also bears its weight without issue.

"Tend No Wounds" wields six tracks of fiery, gasoline-fueled sludge metal. They are all very good, stuffed with very punchy and energetic moments tied together into nicely built song structures. If you have been a follower of Black Tusk before this album had come about, then this album's wild, heavy sound is definitely to be expected and enjoyed. There is, however, one major drawback to this record; The tracks, while constructed sturdily, do sound too blendy. The songs have this rather bothersome lack of dynamic, so they almost sound like background music rather than truly powerful metal tracks. Nonetheless, though, that doesn't stop the album from being at least decent to listen to.

Even though it's not all that great, "Tend No Wounds" is a nice dose of sludge from a rather prominent trio. All aspects of the record are well played out, especially when it comes to the musicianship and production. The songs themselves, though not quite explosive enough for good repeat value, are raw and ferocious enough for enjoyment. While this isn't necessarily must-have material, it is still worth a spin for any sludge fans out there.

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