Ten Years of Total Desaster

乐队列表 Thrash Black Desaster (GER) Ten Years of Total Desaster
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Band Name Desaster (GER)
Album Name Ten Years of Total Desaster
Type Compilation
发布日期 1999
出版公司 Merciless Records
音乐风格Thrash Black


Limited to 2000 copies.
1. Intro / Decade of Desaster
2. The Witches Rune
3. Sataniac
4. Vengeance Knows No Bound
5. Medi-Evil Rites
6. Metalized Blood
7. Past... Present... Forever...
8. Ride on for Revenge
9. Sacrilege
10. Devil's Sword
11. The Hill of a Thousand Souls
12. Tears of an Old Wizard
13. As the Dradworld Calls
14. The Final Desaster
15. Witchcraft
16. Porter of Hellgate
17. Scream for Mercy
18. Evil Arschloch

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Desaster (GER)