Spiteful Dirges

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Band Name Enthral (NOR)
Album Name Spiteful Dirges
Type MCD
发布日期 23 一月 2010
出版公司 Duplicate Records
音乐风格Melodic Black


1. Death to You All
2. Celebration of Agony
3. A Spiteful Dirge

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Enthral (NOR)

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13 一月 2010
This melodic black metal band originated in Sunndalsora, Norway, which is located approximately 77 miles southwest of Trondheim, in central Norway. Their name Enthral was taken from the word enthrall, which means to enslave, or to hold spellbound(fascinated). Enthral is relatively obscure outside of Norway and is well known in the Norwegian underground metal scene. Despite that, they've managed to release 3 full length albums, 1 of which(Subterranean Movement) is available on I-Tunes and Napster. A dirge is a slow mournful piece of music(as in a funeral anthem), so the title of this album(Spiteful Dirges) must mean malicious funeral anthems. This 3 track album (MCD) was originally released as a demo in 2006, but duplicate records recognized their talent and signed the band. They also re-mastered and re-released this small, but impressive work of metal art.

Death To You All starts off at a slow tempo, with a rhythm reminiscent of the Disiplin song, Under His Horns. Then it suddenly breaks out with the fury of Satyricon(Rebel Extravanza) with some technical shredding that's nearly as good as early Melechesh. This song has a very misanthropic theme.

Celebration Of Agony rocks at a slower tempo with a darkness resembling Gehenna. The tempo alternates between the the slower pace and a faster dark pace. Their are some amazing guitar hooks that sound warped and twisted, they sound great. This is a wicked black metal song, that rivals the best Norwegian black metal songs.

A Spiteful Dirge Shreds and thrashes at full speed with the ugly intensity of Mayhem, from their De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas album. It has a couple of slower and grimmer interludes, that sound similar to Trelldom.

Every aspect of this album is superb. The vocals, guitars, bass, drums, songwriting, and the recording. But why would anyone want to buy an album with only 3 tracks? It's an inconvenience to press the play button every 15 minutes or so, and you'd also get bored with hearing the same 3 songs playing repeatedly. The band is working on their 4th full length album and then they will tour. Maybe they didn't tour enough in the past to gain their popularity. They should also put some videos, if their serious about selling albums. I couldn't find any videos from them on-line. If their upcoming album is as good as this mini-disc, I'll want to buy it.

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