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Band Name Rammstein
Album Name Sehnsucht
Type Album
发布日期 22 八月 1997
出版公司 Universal Music Group
音乐风格Industrial Metal


 Bestrafe Mich
 Du Hast
 Bück Dich
 Spiel mit Mir
 Alter Mann
 Küss Mich (Fellfrosch)

Total playing time: 43:39

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评阅 @ InfinityZero

10 三月 2010
Rammstein is a band that doesn't even appear on, yet their lyrics and ideas embrace evrything that metal stands for. The weird, the socially unaccepted, and the 3 biggest elements of 80's metal: violence, sex and drugs. So far, all my reviews have been albums from the extreme metal scene... or at least done by an extreme metal artist. While my musical interests typically lean to Norwegian black metal acts like Ulver, early Dimmu Borgir, and Burzum, Rammstein is a band that I've listened to since I was 10, and all metal fans know that you never forget your first metal band, no matter what.

I got into Rammstein the same way anyone did: a little song called Du Hast. My friend introduced me through The Matrix soundtrack, and my little 10-year-old self, normally shying away from the music I had previously been introduced to (I sill loathe you, Green Day) got into it right away. Anyway, at the time I didn't know the band name or the song name, but I heard it again a year later, and rather than forget about Rammstein all over again, I introduced myself to their music. Sehnsucht was one of the first CDs I ever bought, and I loved it as soon as the title song kicked in.

Rammstein is the perfect example of a band who goes for substance rather than skill. They usually use relatively simple guitar riffs, and normally I don't like that, but Rammstein utilize the riffs well enough for me to have stayed with them for all this time. If you've heard their debut album Herzeleid, you'll be really surprised by this CD. Till Lindemann no longer just talks, he really belts out good singing vocals. The songs have more oomph to them, more differentiation, and you can definitely tell from hearing Sehnsucht and Herzeleid that Rammstein have developed quite quickly indeed. They have songs that you can really get into, wether you like to dance or headbang, I think you'd like them. They have classic heavy metal songs that should be played at full volume (Bück Dich, Tier) and songs that take it slow and leave lasting impressions (Klavier, Alter Mann). I think the only thing that turns a lot of people away is that they sing everything in German. They only have 2 songs that are 100% sung in English, but even so, I can't help liking them. They arrange their music in a way that makes you love the band. The guitars have a strong crunch to them that really hits you, and go great with the blasting drums and the wide range of Till Lindemann's vocals, which can be anything from soothing and calm to harsh and growly. The atmosphere is strong and in your face at times, but it really knows how to be laid back or dark as well.

This album in particular is absolutely essential to the Rammstein discography, and I recommend it to anyone just starting to listen to the band or the genre. My favorite songs on here aren't the ones that people usually remember. Most will tell you that Bück Dich or Du Hast is their favorite, but mine are definitely Spiel Mit Mir, Klavier, and Alter Mann, the three most emotional and powerful songs. Spiel Mit Mir has a very unsettling dark feel that I love, and the English lyrics are sick and disturbing. Klavier always gives me shivers, and it really shows Rammstein can be diverse, especially Till. The lyrics to this one and Alter Mann are metaphorical and symbolical, and I spent a while trying to figure out what the band was getting at with them. I love the progressive approach on Alter Mann, and the keyboards in it are especially interesting, and the chorus is awesome.

The funny thing is, the song that got me into Rammstein in the first place, Du Hast, is probably one of my least favorite Rammstein songs now. Not that it's a bad song, but Rammstein's other songs are so much better. I guess you could say that Du Hast is just the tip of the iceberg.

I give this album a 17/20.

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