Ready for the Apocalypse

乐队列表 Thrash Metal Killery Ready for the Apocalypse
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Band Name Killery
Album Name Ready for the Apocalypse
Type Album
发布日期 23 四月 2019
出版公司 Self-Released
音乐风格Thrash Metal


 Ready for the Apocalypse
 No Rest for the Wicked
 Prophet of Chaos
 March to Hell
 Blood Deliveryman
 Fuck You All
 Curse of the Serpent
 Law of the Strongests
 Exuding Hate

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评论 @ Grey_Warden

03 六月 2019

What a surprise ! An amazing mix of groove and thrash metal in the brazialian way !!!!

I did not know this band until my buddy Graziano from Jumpscare showed theri music video of "Fuck You All" last day. I listened in streaming all the album on spotify and decided to give my contribution here because it's a really great surprese. Starting from the album cover :it is very tasteful and in line with their style. Only after I read that was produced by a renowned artist, Caio Caldas, I was pretty shocked because He designs covers for band that I listened from all my entire life as Paul Dianno from Iron Maide, Doro and Dragonforce and many other.
The visual element is pretty important for me because I think that this is the the best for a band rapresentation.
From beginning to end, Ready for the Apocalypse has the perfect identity and the best mood for a modern thrash metal album: weight, power, speed and cadence. N
o Rest for the Wicked and Prophet of Chaos (for this one you can see a really well made lyric video) comes next, elements and recalls elements from Slayer, Testament, Annihilator and even from modern bands Lamb of God are really appreciated. I also find some influences also to the brazilian power metal vibe on bass and drums in a few moments, of course there are some proggish elements hidden in their style that I really appareciated.. The vocals are my fav, thier singer l is accurate and powerful
March to Hell and Blood Deliveryman calims hell and destruction...really powerful ! Fuck You All, Curse of the Serpent and Law of the Strongest feature the Killery identity with highlights forsolos, punchy choruses and punches in the ear.
Exuding Hate has the participation of a guesr, Pitter Cutrim that has an amazing interpretation and vocal skills.
They also signed a promotion deal with Vault Lab, a new label from Italy, that I want to thank for their taste and choice to his roster.
Nothing to say, an album that every metalhead have to buy !
Great music and great songwriting skills !

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