Promise Man

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Band Name Holy Soldier
Album Name Promise Man
Type Album
发布日期 1995
出版公司 Forefront Records
音乐风格Hard Rock


1. Promise Man
2. Mumbo-Jumbo
3. My World
4. Rust
5. Why Don't You Look in to Jesus
6. Break It Down
7. Cover Me
8. Grind
9. Love Conquers All
10. Sand

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17 五月 2013

A Differant Aproch

There 3RD album Promise Man by Chistian Metal band Holy Soldier that was releised in 1995 on Forefront Records was kinda a departure from there earier stas gooduff. With new Lead Singer its not good. It has gone from Metal to a moee Altertive sound,due the fact that Grunge killed Metal for a short time. The title track Promise Man is okay cause you can still here some of the classic Metal sound in it. It may not be there finnest momment but it was still good to see them trying to hanging in there the best that they could during such a hard time for Metsl bands that came from the 80s.

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