Power to the People

乐队列表 Hard Rock Poison (USA) Power to the People
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Band Name Poison (USA)
Album Name Power to the People
Type Live
发布日期 2000
出版公司 Cyanide Records
音乐风格Hard Rock


Studio Records
1. Power to the People
2. Can't Bring Me Down
3. The Last Song
4. Strange
5. I Hate Every Bone in Your Body (But Mine)
Recorded live during the "1999-2000 Comeback Tour"
6. Intro
7. Look What the Cats Dragged in
8. I Want Action
9. Something to Believe in
10. Love on the Rocks
11. C.C. Solo
12. Fallen Angel
13. Let It Play
14. Ricky Solo
15. Every Rose Has Its Thorn
16. Unskinny Bop
17. Nothin' But a Good Time
18. Talk Dirty to Me