Paraphiliac Perversions

乐队列表 Brutal Death Putrid Pile Paraphiliac Perversions
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Band Name Putrid Pile
Album Name Paraphiliac Perversions
Type Album
发布日期 26 五月 2016
出版公司 Sevared Records
音乐风格Brutal Death


1. Intro
2. Death Decor
3. Punishment
4. Human Stress Reliever
5. The Kiss of Death
6. Puke on It
7. Gutter Sludge Tramp
8. Humiliation Modus Operandi
9. A Necrophiliac's Pastime
10. Necro-Pack Rat
11. Whore Annihilation
12. My Semen Rots in You
13. I Need You Dead
14. Onward the Dogs of War
15. Toxic Shock Therapy
16. You Dead = Me Satisfied
17. Outro