Oi Magoi

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Band Name Hail Spirit Noir
Album Name Oi Magoi
Type Album
发布日期 20 一月 2014
音乐风格Progressive Black


1. Blood Guru 06:17
2. Demon for a Day 06:00
3. Satan Is Time 07:03
4. Satyriko Orgio (Satyr's Orgy) 06:32
5. The Mermaid 11:28
6. Hunters 06:44
7. Oi Magoi 05:18
Total playing time 49:22

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20 一月 2014

Art, Music, Life

Walking among beautiful gardens, you see plenty of flowers you have never seen before and thinking of planting those seeds in your soil and thus creating your personal garden with flowers that have the most fresh smell. Yet that smell makes the watchers recapturing memories in the air. Now, how this romantic atmosphere can be one with the Norwegian culture of black metal? Only Hail Spirit Noir know how and with them all of us walking as often as we want outside their garden, enjoining the smell of an orchid (“Pneuma”) and being witnesses of a new seed (“Oi Magoi”) tending to be the flower that somehow reflects us.

I confess that describing “Oi Magoi” is not as easy as having the wish to listen it unstoppable. This album can move all those who love listening to psychoprog/folk/black albums, which can be described by on word: Artistic. It’s not just the atmospheres behind the black metal marks on guitars, on vocals, on drumming that remind of Darkthrone in the age of “Panzerfaust” or Enslaved. It’s also the successful painting of the ’70s sound, just as it begun with “Pneuma” and in “Oi Magoi” goes on, touching the top.

More distinctly all the songs of the album will capture your existence through music and lyrics. In contrast with “Pneuma”, in here there are more lead guitars and melodies as in the second half of “Blood Guru” where you are magnetized by the repeated melody and in “Demon for A Day” with the folk chorus. All together we can thank Goblin for their contribution and if you have heard of the songs “Suspiria” and “Witch”, then you can realize where all the guitar galls are accredited to. This is just the half true for the singularity of the album.

The other half is the perfect use of all the synths and keyboards. For example in the finale of the black metal attack “Satyriko Orgio” the peace of the keys comes to mop you up. In there underlies the “magic” of Manos Hadjidakis. You can also find him “cooperating” with Goblin in the prelude of the grand opus “The Mermaid”. A song that together with “Satan Is Time” typify the psychoprog sound of the ’70s.

I won’t tell you what to do. You know who are those that must act on the usual way. In case you smell it, you will loose the ground under your feet and one more thing; the lyrics are a reality of the human soul: lost, possessed by thou will and able to lead innocent faces to the mental death.

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