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Band Name Spock's Beard
Album Name Octane
Type Album
发布日期 一月 2005
出版公司 InsideOut Music
音乐风格Progressive Metal


1. The Ballet of the Impact
2. I Would't Let it Go
3. Surfing Down the Avalanche
4. She is Everything
5. Climbing up the Hill
6. Letting Go
7. Of the Beauty of it All
8. NWC
9. There was a Time
10. The Planet's Hum
11. Watching the Tide
12. As Long as we Ride
Bonustracks (Special Edition)
13. When She's Gone
14. Follow me to Sleep
15. Game Face
16. Broken Promise Land
17. Listening to the Sky
18. Someday I'll be Found
19. I was Never Lost
20. Paint me a Picture