Novit enim Dominus qui Sunt Eius

乐队列表 Death Black Abyssal (UK) Novit enim Dominus qui Sunt Eius
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Band Name Abyssal (UK)
Album Name Novit enim Dominus qui Sunt Eius
Type Album
发布日期 01 一月 2013
音乐风格Death Black


Re-Issue in 2013 by Profound Lore Records in a Digipack limited to 1000 copies
Re-Issue in 2013 by Exitium Productions on Cassette Tape limited to 150 copies
1. Forebode 01:03
2. The Tongue of the Demagogue 08:10
3. Under the Wretched Sun of Hattin 07:44
4. Elegy of Ruin 00:36
5. The Headless Serpet 04:39
6. A Sheath of Deceit 03:23
7. Elegy of Staves 00:23
8. A Malthusian Epoch 06:27
9. As Paupers Safeguard Magnates 08:13
10. Created Sick, Commanded to Be Well 10:28
11. The Last King 08:16
Total playing time 59:22

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评阅 @ Satanicarchangel

17 七月 2013

Absolutely devastating

Mixing elements of sludge and black metal in with heavy as nails death metal was sure to create an absolutely crushing and devastating sound, and Abyssal as sure as hell delivered. This is one of the thickest, heaviest and most devastating albums I've ever heard and it makes perfect sense when you see the array of genre influences these guys have pulled into their sound. Death metal is usually brutal and crushing, sludge metal is harsh and abrasive, black metal is raw and sinister, mix them all together and the end result is one of a ridiculous amount of heaviness of monolithic proportions.

Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius is a strong contender for the heaviest album of 2013 so far. The atmosphere Abyssal create is absolutely intense, created by some incredibly impressive musicianship. The band is incredibly tight, the music ranges from slow and droning to incredibly fast and primal, the tempo changes are fairly constant and never disrupt the flow of the songs. They feel natural and organic, never abrupt or disjointed. The best track to illustrate their use of rapid tempo changes in the first real song The Tongue of the Demagogue, which starts off with a ridiculously fast, blistering pace and then slows down to create a doomier, more atmospheric edge. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius is never short of tempo changes, and it ensures that the album remains interesting and varied throughout. There are also some surprisingly melodic sections as well, as is the case with As Paupers Safeguard Magnates where near the end it slows down and a melodic sludge section rises up out of the slime, adding a small sense of humanity to this album.

Atmospherically wise, Abyssal have created an absolute monster, the atmosphere is thick, grimy and sludgy, it's unimaginably dense and absorbing, emasculated by the equally thick guitar tone, adding a layer of dense sludge over the music. The vocals are exceptionally well performed, being a breathy low-fi growl somewhat reminiscent of Uaral, they add a lot to the atmosphere, being very harrowing and inhuman. The whole atmosphere is one of dense loathing for the human race, the album is ridiculously hateful and aggressive, Abyssal take no chances to make this an easy experience to sit through, the songs are typically long and brutal, the music is dense and claustrophobic, and everything just feels designed to bring about the most intense atmosphere imaginable.

Overall Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius is an excellent album, it's got one of the best atmospheres I've heard in a death metal album, and the musicianship is nothing short of astounding. It's very heavy and abrasive, so it might be a little too much on the ears for new comers to extreme metal. But for those of us with a taste for the macabre, Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius is a voyage into the underworld well worth taking. For fans of Antediluvian, Mitochondrian and Portal. Highly recommended.

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