Malison Rogue

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Band Name Malison Rogue
Album Name Malison Rogue
Type Album
发布日期 25 三月 2011
出版公司 Inner Wound Recordings
音乐风格Progressive Heavy


1. Friend or Foe?
2. The Pain You Cause
3. The Griever
4. My Mistakes
5. This Lonely Road
6. Scars
7. We’re All Born Sinners
8. Everything Fades

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评阅 @ Dr.Feelgood

15 六月 2011

Operation: Heavy Prog Impression

Malison Rogue come from Sweden and keep in mind their name because their talent is not poor, but they can do great things and this is somehow obvious by their first album Malison Rogue. Despite their parentage from Sweden their style is totally close to the U.S. progressive – heavy sound of Queensryche and they do it on a perfect way without copying them.

I must tell you that in here you will not find any of the songs boring or bad, but all of them are sound great and unique. May the song “Everything fades” is the only whose sound is just like the songs from the period of Saxon, when they had an American sound. “My mistakes” is the one which will make you hear it again and again every day and night, a perfect melodic ballad with a chorus that reminds me not of Queensryche, but of Edguy. This is not the only song in which I hear melodic parts like those from Edguy, but also check “Scars”, the song with the best solo of the album.

When I am saying that I can hear Edguy in some parts I do not mean that this is bad, on the contrary, I regarded as groundwork on which Malison Rogue step so to find and show at the same time their personal identity. Listen carefully to all the beautiful melodic guitar parts of Bjoerkborg, ready to change his rhythm any time it is necessary as in “The griever” which brings you in mind the guitar parts of DeGarmo and Wilton. At the beginning and the closing of “This lonely road” you could not listen to a better melody, something that it is missing from other bands which have created a name and now they are empty of ideas.

It would not be fair not to mention the voice of this band; Zeb is proved excellent through his contribution as a singer. He has the right voice for this style, in some parts I hear a different Tate and in some others I hear a happy Sammet, but his personal style comes out more than the others. Listen to him through “We are all born sinners” and “The pain you cause” and here comes the question; in the second one he screams at the beginning of it, could not he scream more often? He does it awesome!

If this was the new album of Queensryche, we would say that it is just good, but by the time it belongs to another band and it is their first full – length, we say well done gentlemen and we expect greater things the next time with more screams. Till then we keep listening to Malison Rogue and we wish the best for the continuity.

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