Fear No Evil

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Band Name Doro
Album Name Fear No Evil
Type Album
发布日期 23 一月 2009
出版公司 Nuclear Blast
AFM Records
音乐风格Heavy Metal


1. The Night of the Warlock 05:43
2. Running from the Devil 03:35
3. Celebrate 04:52
4. Caught in a Battle 03:07
5. Herzblut 04:39
6. On the Run 04:39
7. Walking with the Angels 04:59
8. I Lay My Head Upon My Sword 03:52
9. It Kills Me 04:28
10. Long Lost for Love 03:27
11. 25 Years 04:46
Bonustracks (Limited Edition)
12. Wildfire 04:15
13. You Won My Love 04:13
14. Herzblut (CD-ROM Video) 04:39
Bonustracks (Ultimate Collector's Edition)
15. All We Are (2007)
16. On My Own
DISC 2 (Ultimate Collector's Edition) - "Celebrate" EP
1. Celebrate
2. Celebrate (Feat.Biff Byford of Saxon)
3. Celebrate (Full Metal Female Version)
4. The Night of the Warlock
5. Rescue Me
DISC 3 (Ultimate Collector's Edition) - "Herzblut" EP
1. Herzblut (Single Version)
2. Herzblut (Album Version)
3. A Fond le Coeur (Herzblut French Version)
4. Te Doy Mi Corazon (Herzblut Spanish Version)
5. Eu Dou Teo Meu Coracao (Herzblut Portugese Version)
6. Share My Fate
Total playing time 56:45

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评阅 @ Vinrock666

04 一月 2010
The 2009 release “Fear No Evil” marks the return of one of the greatest bad ass heavy metal front women of all time – Doro Pesch. The music on the album is solid, simple, driving, fist pumping, rock and metal played mostly with a medium tempo and a basic range of tone. Still, as good of a performance this band has shown it will always play a second fiddle to the raspy, iconic, whisky flavored vocal chords of Doro Pesch.

On “Fear No Evil”, the style of the songs are quite rooted in the late ‘80’s metal days, but there is an honestly about it that suggests more of a belief in the sound rather than an inability to expand beyond that time frame. There are songs, though, that does attempt to venture out of those normal parameters, including the German sung ballad “Hertzblut” and “25 Years” – a thank you song from the band to their fans. For the most part; however, it is the modern incarnation of those long remembered riffs and beats that permeates throughout the entire record. “It Kills Me” is the dark and eerie tune with a heartfelt lyric that echoes the pseudo blues sound of past Sunset Strip ballads. “Running From the Devil”, “The Night of the Warlock”, and “Caught in a Battle” are filled with motorcycles revving sounds, explosions, and other effects to color what is for Doro timeless rock tones. Finally, “Celebrate” echoes the superstar studded special songs from the eighties (think “We Are the World”) with this anthem most wonderfully assisted by some of the most popular female voices in metal today. If only some of these women had their own parts instead of singing in the ensemble…

The two best songs could be “I Lay My Head upon My Sword” – an anti war tune (and nobody sings the word ‘war’ better than Doro) – and “Walking with the Angels” a duet with ex-Nightwish front woman Tarja Turunen. Perhaps the coolest thing about this track is the attempt by both singers to tweak their respective ranges to compliment the other. It’s a subtle feature, but worth noting.

Fear No Evil” provides fundamental hard rock with some nice features, but to really love this album, one would have to zero in on Doro Pesch – still rocking, fist pumping, and championing metal with her unique, but no less awesome, voice. She is not only the girl you want on the back of your hog; she could lead the whole pack on her own. It is still her most defining trait and on this album her leadership is still very much present.

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