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Band Name Battlelore
Album Name Evernight
Type Album
发布日期 26 二月 2007
出版公司 Napalm Records (AUT)
音乐风格Symphonic Metal


1. House of Heroes
2. Ocean's Elysium
3. Summon the Wolves
4. We Are the Legions
5. Into the New World
6. Longing Horizon
7. Mask of Flies
8. The Cloak and the Dagger
9. Beneath the Wavesdigital
10. Doom and Oblivion
11. The Tale of the Downfall

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评阅 @ Vinrock666

20 七月 2008
Battlelore's 2007 LP "Evernight" is a solid work of death metal complete with folk-like elements; however, due to the majority of songs ranging in mid-tempo and mid-pitch, it can't be considered great. The guitarwork is eerily silent if not background with no discernable riffing save for some flashes of aggressiveness on "Summon The Wolves" and "The Cloak And The Dagger". There is also an exclusive lack of soloing, too, making the overall sound of "Evernight" rather basic and rhythmic in theme. The drummer, Henri Vahvanen, is the most prolific musician in the band. He showcases an excellent use of cymbals to cadence the beat often, most notably through the verses and breaks in "We Are The Legions" and "Into The New World" After Vahvanen, the vocals are the most dominant dynamic and is the signature sound of Battlelore, for you have both the death metal growling and the angelic female styling. It should be noted that both vocalists appear on every song - often dividing up the parts between each other rather than dividing up the songs so that one is male and another female, etc. This sound contributes to an overall similar style of play throughout the album. The keys follow suit, too, being ever present but with a minimal role. "Mask of Flies" and "The Tale Of The Downfall" are the only shining exceptions. The best song on the album is arguably "Longing Horizon". Not only does it feature everything Battlelore, but it also includes an accoustical side by way of strings and drums making it exclusive from the other tracks. To summarize, the most glaring detail of "Evernight" is that it's devoid of extremity. It's not fast nor heavy, and although it's beautiful on the whole, none of the parts ever stand out in a fist pumping or head banging stance. Obviously, Battlelore consciously made these choices, and if you're cool with that, then "Evernight" is good listening.

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