Double Brutal

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Band Name Austrian Death Machine
Album Name Double Brutal
Type Album
发布日期 29 九月 2009
出版公司 Metal Blade Records
制作人 Tim Lambesis
音乐风格Thrash Metal


1. Double Ahhnold
2. I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle
3. Let Off Some Steam Bennett
4. Who Writes the Songs?
5. It's Simple, If it Jiggles it's Fat
6. See You at the Party Richter
7. Hey Cookie Monster, Nothing is as Brutal as Neaahhh
8. Who Told You You Could Eat My Cookies?
9. Come on Cohaagen, Give Deez People Ehyar
10. Who is Your Daddy, and What Does He? 2
11. Come on, Do it, Do it, Come on, Come on, Kill me, Do it Now
12. Allow Me To Break The Ice
13. Conan, What is Best in Life?
1. Intro to the Intro
2. T2 Theme
3. Hell Bent for Leather (Judas Priest Cover)
4. Time Travel: The Metallica Conspiracy
5. Trapped Under Ice
6. Iron Fist (Motörhead Cover)
7. Recalling Mars
8. I Turned into a Martian (Misfits Cover)
9. Killing is My Business?and Business is Good (Megadeth
10. Tactically Dangerous - Cannibal Commando (Goretorture Cover)
11. Gotta Go (Agnostic Front Cover)

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评阅 @ Demogorefest

17 二月 2010
First off, I hate metalcore, and knowing that this album is produced by profesional Crybaby, and frontman for Corporate Christian sell-out trendcore band, As i Lay Crying (as "Arnold" refers to his band), Tim Lambesis was definitely a huge turn-off when listening to this album. Aside from that, this album is actually pretty damn good. Sure, there might be some "modern" metal sounds in some of the tunes, and there are a few more breakdowns than i would've liked to hear on this album, but it still is a solid Modern Thrash Metal release.

Double Brutal is somewhat of a concept album, all of the songs are related to quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger in some of his more famous movies (Terminators 1 and 2, Commando, etc.), "I need your boots, your Clothes, your Motorcycle" is a great start for the album, and the 30-40 second Arnold Voice tracks are pretty amusing also. though the song "who said you could eat my cookies?" is way more Death-core than i can tolerate, and is by far my least favorite on the album. other than that, there isn't much -core influence in this release other than the breakdowns.

True metal fans will also be surprised to find out that there are no Whiny, Cry-baby metalcore vocals on Double Brutal either, i was half expecting to hear some annoying vocals halfway through every song, but luckily, there are non to be heard on this record.

The Second Disc of Double Brutal is cover tunes, most of which are decent, except for their cover version of Hellbent for Leather, which has some pretty awful metal-core bitch vocals in the background. among the bands covered in the second disc are Metallica, Misfits, Agnostic Front, and surprisingly, an actual DEATH metal band, called Goretorture, and Lambesis does a great job of doing actual Death Metal vocals on it too.

All in all, this album is pretty good, despite that it's produced by a metalcore musician. and shouldn't be ignored even if you have a strong hatred for all the Douchebag metalcore bands, because ADM is a legitimate Thrash Band.

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joblo666cobpowns - 19 九月 2010: dude , sorry but ur a sucker if you thinks that as i lay dying sucks
Demogorefest - 19 九月 2010: well, its certainly an oppinion, i know ALOT of people here in the US think that As I lay dying is some heavy shit, in all spectrums of metal: they're pretty mediocre. just proving that people in the US will buy whatever we're supposed to
vikingman369 - 05 四月 2011: that's rich that you say metalcore sucks, when you listen to crappy-ass, underground trve kvlt black metal, whose musicians have all of zero talent
Crinn - 03 十月 2012: ^^^ Says the guy that loves St. Anger and Lulu but hates Master of Puppets.

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