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Band Name Worship (GER)
Album Name Dooom
Type Album
发布日期 19 十月 2007
出版公司 Endzeit Elegies
音乐风格Funeral Doom


 Endzeit Elegy
 All I Ever Knew Lie Dead
 The Altar and the Choir of the Moonkult
 Graveyard Horizon
 Zorn a Rust-Red Scythe
 Mirror of Sorrow (Solitude Aeturnus Cover)
 I Am the End - Crucifixion Pt.II

Total playing time: 01:12:51

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评阅 @ Satanicarchangel

31 八月 2013

Simply astounding, Worship have raised the bar yet again for the amount of depression one album can illicit

When it comes to metal, my tastes usually hover around the slower more atmospheric varieties, with black, doom and sludge metal becoming personal favorites of mine. I am a huge sucker for anything that is able to illicit a powerful emotional response so funeral doom was a natural evolution of my musical tastes. Taking the already extreme approach of doom metal to even further extremes, funeral doom is quite possibly the most emotionally devastating form of metal there is (with the exception of depressive black metal). No other form of music can match the raw intensity of funeral doom, the slow grueling chords, low whispered growls, agonizingly slow tempos, all these elements come together to create the perfect blend of depression. There's no light to be found in music of this caliber, this is pure unbridled emotion and I love every second of it.

Worship are without a doubt the single most emotionally damning bands I have ever come across. There's something to be said about a band who pushes the levels of anguish to the most extreme value possible. Worship are masters at their craft, creating absolutely relentless and crushing funeral doom that never fails to suck me into a deep pit of loathing and agony. The music is so powerful, so emotionally draining that at the end I feel like a hollowed out, empty shell of a man. There's nothing, and I really mean nothing that has even come close to affecting me as much as Last Tape Before Doomsday and Dooom. The music is pure agonizing torment, and it never lets up. Worship carefully construct high emotion through the use of gut wrenching melodies and very low, torturous growls. Every element of the music of Worship has been immaculately designed to bring about the uppermost pain as possible. This is the sickest, most twisted deranged music I've ever listened to and I absolutely adore it.

Now before I go any further I'd like to mention that Dooom is slow. Holy shit is it slow. The music feels almost lifeless, it's worn out, languid and ultimately draining. The guitars drudge slowly forwards, creating monolithic walls of sounds. The guitar tone is incredibly thick and grueling, whilst the tempo that it's played at further increases the emotional stopping power. The cleaner guitar breaks are absolutely annihilating, being incredibly bleak and just flat out depression. They add even more to an already crushing atmosphere. That's another thing that's worth mentioning, the atmosphere. Dooom has one of the most convincing atmospheres I've ever listened to. It's drained of all hope, all light, anything that would illicit a positive response, it's all gone. What's left is pure, unbridled anguish. The music is pitch black, there's nothing that even begins to stray outside of the realms of negativity on Dooom. It's a very cathartic listen, and it's very powerful. It's great for the times that music just isn't dark and depressing enough. Dooom is probably the most extreme album I've ever listened to, even more extreme than The Tomb Of The Ancient King by Wormphlegm, and that album is frigging EVIL. Dooom is just simply unsurpassed where emotions are concerned, there's nothing that would even begin to touch on the levels of mental misery Dooom emanates.

The vocals are highly important in furthering the already dejected mood. The growls are very low, and very tortured sounding. Taking the low pitched whispered approach that has become to define funeral doom, they create a harrowing atmospheric experience whilst also churning out some ridiculously bleak lyrics. The spoken word parts are even more emotional, they sound completely worn out and drained of life. They are the sounds of a man who struggles each and every day with the toils of everyday life, who struggles to even wake up on a morning. These are the sounds of true depression and the pure mental exhaustion it brings. Dooom isn't a romanticism of depression, it shows depression in its true, ugly light. Worship know the true pain that depression brings about and channels it majestically into their music, creating quite possibly the purest representation of that debilitating condition.

If anyone wants to hear the most depressing and dehumanizing music ever concocted, then Dooom is definitely an essential album. There's nothing that comes close to the pure emotional torment presented through this 73 minutes of pure funeral doom finesse. It's an excellent album, and one of my most cherished albums of all time. Anything that causes my mood to drop below level zero instantaneously is deserving of a high score, and Dooom is well deserving of a perfect score. I've just never heard anything this emotional before. Highly recommended, but listen at your own discretion, not everyone will be able to grasp the pure anguish presented here.

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