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Band Name Soulfly
Album Name Conquer
Type Album
发布日期 29 七月 2008
出版公司 Roadrunner Records
录制地 Porch Studio
音乐风格Thrash Neo


1. Blood Fire War Hate 04:59
2. Unleash 05:10
3. Paranoia 05:31
4. Warmageddon 05:22
5. Enemy Ghost 03:02
6. Rough 03:29
7. Fall of Cycophants 05:11
8. Doom 04:59
9. For Those About to Rot 06:47
10. Touching the Void 07:25
11. Soulfly VI 05:22
Total playing time 57:17
Bonustracks (Digipak Release)
12. Mypath 04:45
13. Sailing on (Bad Brains Cover) 04:43
14. The Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson Cover) 04:25
DVD (Digipak Release)
Recorded live in Warsaw, Poland
1. Prophecy
2. Downstroy
3. Seek 'N' Strike
4. No Hope = No Fear
5. Jumpadfuckup / Bring It
6. Living Sacrifice
7. Mars
8. Brasil
9. No
10. L.O.T.M.
11. Porrada
12. Drums
13. Moses
14. Frontlines
15. Back to the Primitive
16. Eye for an Eye
17. Innerspirit (Video-Clip)

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评阅 @ Vinrock666

15 五月 2009
Metal the way it should be - that's the single line that best illuminates Soulfly's 2008 masterpiece "Conquer". Above all else, it's the overall direction by Soulfly's creator Max Cavalera that is near perfect in both design and execution. Music, lyrics, and attitude form a perfect cohesion, almost symbiotic in effect with purpose, feeling, and soul. The riffing and phrasing at times is a near death experience, but so much better played. "Fall Of The Sycophants" illustrates that point well along with the great dual lead work and tribal drum ending. "Blood Fire War Hate" not only marches and moshes with relentless intensity but inverts the role of the music as it is that whch defines the beat and rhythm, not the percussion. The synth bookend is also indicative of Cavalera's sense of color; which is not the only song to have extended musical outros and changes in feeling. "Doom" chugs just as heavy but has an arrangement that can only be described as groovy or funky. "Rough" is as simple as the album gets, but even here that changes to a more eerie and creepy instrumental ending. "Touching The Void" even features a didgeridoo. Throughout the rest of the album tribal sounds from the percussion secion permeates everywhere while the guitar work - although always on point in heaviness - can sometimes drift higher in pitch to a mid range level. "Paranoia" is a great example of mid range lead along with some impressive riffs and scale phrasing. Lyrically, the sense of purpose and illustration is just as powerful. Everywhere, the choice of words is by design, each intended for its effect. "Blood Fire War Hate" - the images by that title alone drives that point home. All put together, the result is a cannonball of pure metal. "Warmaggedon" slays and "Soulfly VI" is the soft track to round out the other styles found here. For those who have never heard Soulfly before, this album will "Conquer" you. It is a stroke of genius and an awesome display of heavy metal integrity.

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