Coma Waering

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Band Name The Angelic Process
Album Name Coma Waering
Type Album
发布日期 15 五月 2006
出版公司 Paradigms Recordings


1. My Blood Still Whispers
2. The Sun In Braids
3. Mouvement - The Flesh Is Weak
4. Crippled Healing
5. Coma Waering
6. Mouvement - The Rest of the World Is Noise
7. Rid the Past By Dying
8. Mouvement-Shielded By Death/Suspended In Light

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06 五月 2013

Beauty amidst harsh noise

Coma Waering is The Angelic Process' breakthrough album, the album that saw them garner more recognition and become a staple of the underground scene. Coma Waering is a massively dense slab of droning shoegaze that succeeds in creating the musical representation of a tortured soul.

The Angelic Process do not create complex music, those looking for overly technical and flashy music may look elsewhere. What they do succeed in creating though is a highly dense and oppressive atmosphere through the use of unimaginably distorted guitars, buried vocals and massive reverberating bass lines. The band is able to convey the highest amount of emotion through simple song structures.

It is really hard to describe how heavy this band actually is, the guitars are distorted to the point that they almost sound like white noise, they're heavy and dense as hell and are utterly choking in their delivery. The heaviness is highly intensified by the speed everything is played at, being oppressive slow and pummelling. The occasional vocal appearance is highly muffled and can easily be missed if not enough attention is given.

Stylistically The Angelic Process have been described as Drone Doom but personally I feel they lean far closer to Shoegaze rather than anything metal related, I'm not saying they don't have metal elements in there but personally I feel the Shoegaze is far more apparent. The melodies are Shoegaze, the distortion is extreme but still it's used in the same way any Shoegaze band would, the vocals are pushed back in the mix as well creating a somewhat ethereal and tranquil atmosphere amidst the pummelling distortion. Really the only thing stopping this reaching the general Shoegazing crowd is that these guys seem to be aimed predominantly at the metal crowd and the distortion is too extreme for anyone except the most seasoned listener of Black, Doom and Sludge Metal to be able to handle.

Atmospherically this band is amazing, amidst the droning walls of highly distorted instruments a thick and poignant atmosphere shines through. Being both dark and oddly tranquil the atmosphere is beautiful and is one of the most captivating I have heard. The ridiculously poor production helps to elevate the atmosphere as a clean and clear sound would have sterilised the music making it sound thin and redundant.

One of the most impressive things musically about Coma Waering is the way everything flows into each other, no transition is rough, nothing feels out of place and everything just flows into each other to create a colossal wall of dense, droning sound. Due to the clean and even flow of the album it also helps with crafting an authentic atmosphere, making it easy to get sucked into.

In all honestly I really can't recommend this album to general music fans, in all fairness there's nothing present in this kind of music that would be pleasing to the ears of most people. The music is slow with very little change and the distortion is beyond extreme, the atmosphere is utterly choking and the whole ordeal feels like a large weight is being dropped on the listeners head. But despite the wall of harsh noise shines one of the most powerful and beautiful atmospheres ever concocted. A monument in atmospheric music, The Angelic Process' Coma Waering is undoubtedly and utterly essential.

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