Any Man in America

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Band Name Blue October
Album Name Any Man in America
Type Album
发布日期 16 八月 2011
音乐风格Emo Metal


1. Everything in A.M. Limbo
2. Feel Again
3. Money Tree
4. For the Love
5. Drama Everything
6. The Chills
7. The Flight: Lincoln to Minneapolis
8. Any Man in America
9. The Waiting
10. Honesty
11. The Getting Over It Part
12. Worry List
13. The Followthru

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10 九月 2011

Once again leads a bad moment to a brilliant album in perfection

Any Man in America is the sixth studio album of Blue October, a Houston/Texas based Alternative band. This album is full of emotions, most times bad emotions but hope also. The background of this album is the broken behaviour between singer Justin Furstenfeld and his ex-wife Laura (they are divorced now) and the custody battle over his daughter Blue Reed (* 2007).

A court decided Justin is not allowed to take care for his daughter because of his mental disorder. They used his artworks and earlier lyrics as documentary evidence for falling this hard decision so Any Man in America is a new dark-emotional album after their happiest album since founding Approaching Normal released in 2009.

The album was produced by Megaforce Records, Brando Records and Justin Furstenfeld's bew founded record label Up/Down Records after leaving the former record label Universal Motown. The band refused a 360 deal from their former label to became independent from the Major labels.

Any Man in America is Blue October's most successfull album ranked on 8th place at Billboard Top 200 charts since their 2006's release Foiled. Selling over 25,000 copies in the first week of sale this album avanced to the most-selled rock albums and most-selled debut albums.

The cover artwork which included a drawing originally by Justin Furstenfeld drawn by producer Tim Palmer's daughter Bluebell. The background is colored in a deep blue the color which symbolizes sadness.

The lyrics in every song in this album are sad, angry, depressive but hopeful also. Justin Furstenfeld apologized for every bad word in the lyrics. He dedicated this album to his daughter and all moms and dads who can't care for their kids as an normal family.

"I always wanted to be a father. I always dreamt of having a little girl. This album documents the aftermath of divorce and how I like many fathers in America are kept away from our daughters and sons. I am not proud of some of the words I used on this album to describe the agony of you being taken away from me. Because of you this album was supposed to be made about the happiest times of my life but daddy was never given the chance to speak much less be there for you. This is my last hope at being able to tell you the absolute truth of why I couldn't and still can't be by your side every day. Blue you are my heart. My world. My every waking breath. I will never give up on you. Dedicated to Blue Reed Furstenfeld. Love daddy." - JUSTIN FURSTENFELD

The musical style in this album is a mix of Progressive Rock, Alternative Rock, Metal, Post Grunge, Art Rock, Rap and Hip hop. There is no boringness in it. Some songs are quiet, some funky and others are hard, some started softy and get heavier while going on.

That guitarist C.B. Hudson III. left the band while recording wasn't a real problem for releasing the album on the set release dates. Blue October assisted by producer Tim Palmer on Guitar, Steve Schiltz of Longwave on Guitar, Ray C and Patricia Lynn Drew of The Soldier Threas on Vocals and Brendan Bond on Trompet as well.

But now I want tell something about the history of the lyrics. Why the lyrics are so emotional? Singer and Guitarist Justin Furstenfeld lives with a bipolar disorder since his age of 14. He tries to help himself and even other to get out of sadness and depression. The songs are so emotional and true because he writes the music when he feels it is the time for writing it.

Blue October isn't just good stuff for fans it's for everyone who can feel with these emotions Justin Furstenfeld is feeling. All the sorrows, struggles, the sadness, the scorn, the angryness and even the happiness, the love and proud he feel while writing and performing the songs. You have to see Blue October live once in your life. He takes your hand and lead you into a tour through your feelings, your souls and even your hearts. Come and spread the word... This band is undescribeable! Undiscribeable brilliant!

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