A Wintersunset...

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Band Name Empyrium
Album Name A Wintersunset...
Type Album
发布日期 15 七月 1996
出版公司 Prophecy Productions
音乐风格Symphonic Dark


1. Moonromanticism 02:00
2. Under Dreamskies 10:09
3. The Franconian Woods in Winter's Silence 10:55
4. The Yearning 08:41
5. Autumn Grey Views 03:55
6. Ordain'd to Thee 11:14
7. A Gentle Grieving Farewell Kiss 01:59
Total playing time 48:56

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评阅 @ InfinityZero

08 六月 2010
Empyrium is a band whose act just never got old. Although they only released 4 albums, two metal and two folk, they definitely left behind a big following of fans of their majestic and melodic music. Their debut album, A Wintersunset, perfectly captures everything in the band's musical style. The music is not intended for headbanging, and it isn't fast, but it just delivers every other aspect overloaded with emotions.

I won't say too much about the production for this review, because this is the kind of music where the overall sound is most important. You don't need to listen to just one aspect of the sound, you can just sit back and appreciate all of it at once. But I will say that every instrument is very easy to hear, and certain instruments stand out during certain sections. Mostly, you hear the synths and guitars melding music and emotion better than any other instrument. Anyway, production doesn't matter much, because this is music that you can really feel. At times it's sad, at others it's beautifully uplifting.

The intro and outro of the album are perfect. Two songs that are either happy or sad depending on your mood. They're simple, but full of emotion, as a lot of Empyrium's music tends to be. The rest of the album perfectly balances you, using violin-esque synths and guitars to blend into a perfect melody together, with all of the other instruments underlining everything evenly. The vocals are really the only blemish here, although they are still far from being considered bad. There are two types of vocals. An operatic, melodic tone is used most often throughout, which again, is nice, but I think the singer is a little too over-dramatic with them, although that's only a minor flaw. The raspy vocals aren't used half as much, but they are decent. Fortunately, they don't overtake the music or wreck the emotions. I have heard better, but I've definitely heard worse.

Although this album isn't exactly done by a band who can play their instruments wickedly, the music is slow and calm, and it isn't needed. The music is straightforward, with single-note guitar solos and steady, even drumming, but I still really like the atmosphere and the musical composition too much for me to use that as a point against this album

All in all, I think this music is just great. Listening to any of the 7 songs helps me feel better about things gone wrong in my life, and I just feel so happy listening to the album. It leaves you with a really good feeling, and I recommend it to anyone who wants to expand a bit from the screaming and thrashing and just relax.

I recommend "Under Dreamskies," "The Franconian Woods in Winter's Silence", and "The Yearning".

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