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Graves Of Valor
Salarian Gate
Todas as críticas : Dezembro 2009
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Diagon : Satan mit Uns 15/20
(Black Metal- Czech-Republic)
It is an honor for me to speak about this enormous work. It's amazing how in 45 minutes you can feel the pressure of the bullets in your ears. Practically the whole album is a constant storm of...[read more]

On The Rise : Dream Zone 15/20
(Hard FM- Norway)
On the Rise is a band project from Norway which was founded by mastermind Terje Eide. His musical background is going back to the 80's as singer/songwriter and with Dream Zone he released his second...[read more]
Razorwyre : Coming Out 15/20
(Thrash Heavy- New-Zealand)
With a band name like Gaywyre, it certainly is hard to take them seriously, even before listening to the music. Fortunately, the band decided to change their name in 2010 to Razorwyre, seemingly to...[read more]

Streben : Wild Enchanted Gardens 18/20
(Atmospheric Black- Italy)
This is the debut album from this Italian melodic black metal band. They are from Quartu Sant' Elena, which is a town on the Italian island of Sardinia. Streben is a German word which means to...[read more]
Drowning The Light : An Alignment of Dead Stars 17/20
(Black Metal- Australia)
A lot of people (including many of my friends) have a very difficult time enjoying music with an extremely low production quality (in other words, the album sounds like crap). There are people out...[read more]

Scorched Earth (USA) : Mars 16/20
(Death Metal- USA)
Seattle is the undisputed grunge rock mecca of the world. The death metal band, Scorched Earth, also hail from Seattle. They formed in 1995, a time when the grunge markets were proliferating in the...[read more]
Dragonrider : Moon Serenade
(Power Metal- Jordan)
A few months ago I presented the demo of this band from Jordan which was released back in 2007. Now in 2009 they released their 3 track EP entitled “Moon Serenade”. In these 2 years the band has...[read more]

Mesetiah : The Purpose of our Existence 17/20
(Death Metal- Finland)
At a time when the metal markets are flooded with new releases from big name bands, Mesetiah comes crashing into the scene with their killer debut album. They rose up from the Finnish metal...[read more]
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