Gracepoint : To Release 'Echoes' in April

Пятница 26 Февраль 2016 - 09:49:15 by Hellsheimer

Minneapolis Progressive Metal band GRACEPOINT will release sophomore album Echoes on April 8. Three new songs from the album are now streaming at this location.

Drawing on a wide array of influences from classic heavy rock and Metal, thrash and death Metal, and a variety of progressive bands from the 70s through today, GRACEPOINT has forged a heavy and rhythmically complex sound that remains focused and accessible. While debut album  Science of Discontent had a raw, underground sound, Echoes is the result of a collaboration with legendary producer/engineer Neil Kernon (QUEENSRYCHE, NEVERMORE, Cannibal Corpse, etc).

Pre-order the Echoes CD at:

Track Listing:
2. Spider
3. Secrets
4. Full Circle
5. Somber
6. Crucible
7. Bittersweet
8. July 4
9. Echoes
10. Moon

Since the release of  Science of Discontent, Minneapolis based GRACEPOINT has continued to develop their distinctive approach to progressive metal.  The goal from the Inception of the band HAS been to create music that will be appreciated by both musicians and the average Metal head.    

Bass player Sam Van Moer and drummer Lance Reed form a musical foundation rich in both syncopation and groove. Guitarists Lon Kunze and Stefan Radzilowski deal in Aggressive and complex riffs while placing a clear emphasis on strong rhythmic and melodic phrasing.  Together, the band tempers a myriad of time signature Changes with groove, melodic sense, and concise song structures thereby forming the backdrop for the clear and powerful vocals of singer Matt Tennessen who brings another level of emotional depth and color to the music.

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