Elfensjón : Remake compilation EP and new album

Вторник 03 Октябрь 2023 - 19:17:20 by TheGorothInside

ELFENSJóN remake ep Reincarnate cover artJapanese Symphonic Metal doujin circle Elfensjón are set to release a 6-track compilation EP with re-recorded and re-arranged songs from their previous releases Ash of Rouge: Side Elisia (2019), Einherjar (2018) and Styx (2020) on November 7, 2023.

The tracklist features:

1. Akayake no Majo (taken from Ash of Rouge)

2. Yasou (taken from Ash of Rouge)

3. Hotarubi (taken from Einherjar)

4. Shuusetsu wa hai to narite (taken from Ash of Rouge)

5. Erisapfel (taken from STYX)

6. Hexenjagd (taken from Einherjar)

The EP is available for pre-order at Diverse.direct in two versions: A standard version as jewelcase CD and a limited version which features a jewelcase version including some extras such as signings, a limited A4 size book with 44 pages and a clear postcard.
Alongside the announcement of Reincarnate remake EP, the circle announced the release of a new album entitled Zenith in Spring 2024 with further details to be announced at a later date.

Source : https://forum.jrockone.com/t/elfensj%C3%B3n-remake-album-reincarnate-release/9014 | https://forum.jrockone.com/t/elfensj%C3%B3n-new-album-%E2%8




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