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Биография : Dreamer (IDN)

Dreamer is a Jakarta, Indonesia based metal act formed in 1998. The initial line-up consists of Yani (vocals, guitar), Akay (bass) and Totok (drums). They were playing melodic death metal that heavily influenced by Scandinavian metal giants such as Amorphis, In Flames, Children of Bodom, among others.

On early 2000, a high talented lead singer, Rika along with Tribowo (keyboards) and Kiki (guitar) came aboard. Dreamer switched its musical direction into Heavy Metal since then. It has more influences from early metal heroes such as Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth and some symphonic doom metal acts like Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil as well.

Under the flag of heavy metal's new inception, they started to travel around the domestic cities performing their darkened beautiful music to as many people as they can. Dreamer always has a horrendous response in every show due to their energetic and very communicative performance. And so they got a high record release demand from the fans. As the result, Dreamer self financially released a 5 song cassette EP entitled "Emperor of the Fading Sun" on 2001 through their own indie label, Dreamland Productions. It could rather be considered as a demo tape though. However, the feedback was pretty good. With the lack of promotion and distribution, the tape sold over 1.500 copies.

Within the next years, Dreamer has been appeared on two compilation albums, "Neohellist 2" (2002, Extreme Souls Productions) with "Hades" singel and "Metalik Klinik 6" (2003, Rotorcorp/Musica) with new hit singel, "Karbala". The singel flew at the highest position of I-radio's Rock Kasta charts. A remarkable response of "Karbala" came along with many booking shows from various promoters. It brought Dreamer to the frontline of capitol city's best metal acts. But within the last three years (2004 - 2007), Dreamer had to deal with many line-up changes that brought them to a long hiatus.

On early 2008, the remaining members and main song writers, Yani and Tribowo finally see the light of the band's future. The charismatic frontwoman, Rika returns to empower the soul of what Dreamer is all about. And they got two new members, Vicky (guitar) and Satria (bass). And the latest aquisition was Ari(SoulAre) as a permanent drummer. Dreamer have completed the recording session of the debut full length album. And finally have released it at Walls of Jericho concert in Jakarta where Dreamer were one of the opening acts. The show went great.

Source : http://www.myspace.com/dreamermetal