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Mittwoch 28 August 2013 - 09:14:39 by Pirosaint

NY based thrash band Pirosaint have released the album 'Infected Brutality' via Digmetalworld Records and distributed via MVD Entertainment Group in North America (by Nov/Dec 2013).

You can Stream the full album at this location:

'Infected Brutality' contains Pirosaint's original demos, "Atrocity Not Condign '92" and "Infected Dreams '94" recorded originally in Santiago, Chile by Jose Luis Corral at the Rec. Studios, the album also includes 4 previously unreleased live tracks.
The album was remastered at Oily Sound Studios in New Windsor, NY. 'Infected Brutality' is currently available on digital format via iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, Digmetalworld's website. With this album the band celebrates the 20th anniversary of the second demo 'Infected Dreams'.

Detailed information below:

- Infected DREAMS - Demo II - 1994
1. Real psychology (1994) - remastered
2. Sent from the Emptiness (1994) - remastered
3. Noise in my Conscience (1994) - remastered
4. Agonic introspection (1994) - remastered

- Atrocity NOT CONDIGN - Demo I - 1992
5. Brutality not condign (1992) - remastered
6. Killed your Blood (1992) - remastered
7. Are only dead lives (1992) - remastered

8. Brutality not condign (1998) live
9. Noise in my Conscience (1998) live
10. Are only dead living (1998) live

- LIVE SHOW - SANTIAGO, Teatro Carrera
11. Real Psychology (1996) live

12. Semillero Rock (1991) rehearsal (CD bonus track)

The band is currently finishing up the recordings for the new album that will be released early 2014. More information about this releases and the upcoming album at the Official Website or its Facebook page.

Source : http://www.digmetalworld.com/


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