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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Antechrist Superstar. Arrived very soon, in order not to miss the meeting, we've waited quietly Marilyn Manson in the hall of his hotel where different styles meet. The 'metalheads' on one side and Maurane (the female pop singer) on the other. Amusing paradox...Finally, after a couple of hours of a long wait, we have been moved to the Black Calvados restaurant. This was a complete change of atmosphere with its black walls, huge light bulbs of a little intensity, making scintillate only the filament. It was really 'mansonnish'!!! Feverish, we were really impatient to see the 'Reverend'. The press-consultant's mobile phone rang and, here he is, Marilyn Manson, in flesh and bone, at less than a meter from me. It's really thrilling! You can already see the video of this meeting, but there is the traduction... (translated by MetalAngel)

interview Marilyn Manson1) Your new album is largely inspired by 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'. Why this album title? Why Lewis Carroll and his fairytale are impassionning you?
Well, there is only one part which is talking about this novel. I really like the concept to be used by anybody else. It's like the Christ, who became a symbol. This symbol became a religion and this religion is used by people who believe in this religion. This album is like a symbol for me. For the first time ever, I'm being a human again and man can using me with a degree of submission, sacrifice and romance. It's a very romantic album...

2) Can you tell us more about 'Phantasmagoria' ?
'Phantasmagoria' will be postponed to october, I think. I prefer to concentrate on the tour and on the album. Last year, I have been so obsessed by the Lewis Carroll's characters and Charles Dogson, that I needed to take some distance with myself before finishing the movie. This album wouldn't be if 'Phantasmagoria' wouldn't be. I was in a state that I couldn't do anything else, I was lost. It's like the hope vanished away, I was opposed to life. I really don't want to be anymore in the same state of mind as I was. With this album, I was born again. Man can hear the death of a romance and the beginning of another one. This record isn't a personnal one, but it represents what I am and what I feel. By listening to it, you'll notice that the lyrics came to me spontaneously. I finished the album recently and I don't have enough distance to speak about it objectively.

3) How do you explain this musical change for the new album ?
I have been busy most of the time with the music, but for my couple, I have been obliged to change my point of view and my personnality, and by all the possible manners to make something different. I had to be more simple. To go to bed and to wake up with the sounds. It was amusing, because I had to change my life after the wedding. I thought that I couldn't do some music anymore and then to live better. It's the album on which the Antechrist become human et on which he has some feelings as Love. The music that I was listening to during the recording session was 'Diamong Dogs' (David Bowie), 'Ok Computer' (Radiohead) or 'Purple Rain' (Prince). I've tried to write an album t
interview Marilyn Mansonhat I have never done before. This is more melodic, more 'guitar hero'. It's really great on singing parts. That's a fortunate association. I sing much more on this one.

4) There are numerous solos on this album. Maybe you can tell us who will be the guitarist who will follow you on this tour ?
Yes, it will be Tim Skold, who has also produced the album, along with me. He also arranged and played the guitars' and bass' parts. He will be the guitar player on this tour. We also have a new bassist, Rob Holiday, who played with Prodigy.

5) If you had to describe in few words your album, what would they be ?
Four words? Eat Me, Drink Me! (laughs) No, seriously, I think that it could rather be as the books I read and the movies I watch. Like Bonnie & Clyde, between anger and romance. It's all and nothing at the same time...

6) Is it the sum of the sounds you couldn't put on the previous albums, because of their concepts ?
Before I had to write lyrics about the things that touched people around me. Today, it's the album with which I felt completely free. I've wrote it like to seduce someone. It was as a performance, I wished people to feel something strong. Sometimes there were numerous people in the studio where I've recorded it. At the first recording, I sang while fucking on the ground.

7) You have changed your musical style. But what about your look ?
You surely want to talk about my penis? (laughs) This tour will be more theatrical than the previous one. It will be concentrated more on me as a singer or performer. As on the album, the first song will be 'If I Was A Vampire'. It will be a very 'mansonnish' show...

8) How do you think your fans will react to this musical evolution ?
Well, I think it's too difficult to define what is a fan. I don't want to please to people who have never listened to my music, never seen me and to people who don't understand me. I concentrate on people who believe in my frankness. Without them, this album wouldn't exist and I wouldn't exist no more. It's as simple...

9) What about Ginger ?
Ginger is still in the band. But, this album
interview Marilyn Mansonremains an exclusive work between Tim Skold and me. It was really important for me to keep in mind that we are a band. We are a live band recording an album. For me it was easier to sing. I had some difficulties to write the texts, then after I wrote the first lyrics, all came fast. It came faster than I thought.

10) Can you reveal us a bit more about the first single, 'Heart-Shaped Glasses' ?
This song has been written because I've read the book 'Lolita' and I was really close to Evan Rachel Wood, who is now my girlfriend. I've been also inspired by Kubrick's poster on which Lolita stands with her heart-like glasses. She really inspired me for this album. The video will use the 3D images, improved by James Cameron. But, I have no idea about how the video will look like. I will surely make a short movie which will be criticized for its pornographic scenes. I'm always asked about Evan Rachel Wood. Yes, she will be in the video and get paid like she has to be. I respect her as an actress, and there will be a guy who will have the chance to have sex with her. (laughs)

11) You told that the Antechrist was and will be always a work in constant evolution. Do you think that this new album show a mature Antechrist, who lives in the world of humans, who became one of them and who feels the most destructive feeling that exists : Love ?
Love is something which destroys me. It's a bit like the myth of the Vampire that is killed through his heart. This album shows a point of my life when I'm awaited as more mature, more responsible, more adult, married, and so on. It's the result of awful experiences. I don't want to live this kind of experiences again. It's always a work in progress and this album is a part of it.

12) And what about the upcoming tour ?
Tim Skold on the guitars, Rob Holiday on the bass guitar, plus the rest of the band, and maybe some surprises in the show. It will be more theatrical, Mechanical Animals alike. We will surely play with Slayer in the USA. It's really unexpected and it will be the return into Hell, where the dark romantic side will be pushed on the front. A huge thanks to Noemy and Delphine, for the chance to have met the Antechrist Superstar!!!! And also a big thank you to Victor our new cameraman!!
Interview done by Julien

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