Stone's Reach

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Band Name Be'lakor
Album Name Stone's Reach
Type Album
Data de lançamento 20 Junho 2009
Recorded at Pennydrop Audio
Estilo de MúsicaMelodic Death
Membros têm este álbum121


 From Scythe to Sceptre
 Outlive the Hand
 Sun's Delusion
 Held in Hollows
 Countless Skies

Total playing time: 59:27

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Crítica @ Onni

17 Dezembro 2009
From the distant land of kangaroo hails Be’lakor, which has released the debut album in 2007 and now, 2 years later, publishes the second opus, “Stone’s Reach”. 5-piece band actually has a lot to share with the metal audience.

Be’lakor plays Dark Melodic Death metal in veins of Scandinavian scene, nice atmospheric and quite common style nowadays. Many bands also try to express the sorrow of the world with growling, with sad melodies and hard complicated guitar riffs along with fast drumming sometimes. The album starts with slow melodic intro and release into fast aggressive song “Venator” with powerful guitar riffs and drumming. Soon the background is completed with dark atmospheric keyboards. Lead guitar adds plenty of melodies and solos. Short verse, short solo, then rhythm changes comes slow melodic interlude… This song is over 8 minutes long and it consists of many different parts so sometimes you can think that you hear different songs. In the second half of the song you can find beautiful slow part with spoken words and nice harmony (Be’lakor has a lot of good melodies, solos and harmonies). “From Scythe to Sceptre” is about 7 minutes long and starts as middle tempo Dark Death Metal song, then turns to more intense. It has quite interesting rhythm pattern in the middle and of course tempo changes after 2/3 of the song to the calm acoustic part (then in the end it turns back to fast). Other songs as well have the structure in the same vein (except the amazing acoustic “Husks”) – they have a lot of ideas and interesting riffs, these Australians, but maybe they haven’t yet found the best way to express it.

So you see, Be’lakor’s music is pretty interesting, but their path is complicated and sometimes musicians are unable to meet the challenge of this style. Their songs sometimes are lengthen out (“Countless Skies” is 10 minutes long! and it’s one of the best songs on the album), and the band’s attempts to keep a listener’s attention with all the time changing parts don’t work for hundred percent.

Stone’s Reach” is pretty good album because you can discuss it for hours. You’ll find a lot of interesting moments here, especially if you’ll listen to it in the right mood.

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qcpa - 08 Dezembro 2010: un des meilleurs albums des dernieres années....
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