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Band Name Wormfood (FRA)
Album Name L'Envers
Type Album
Data de lançamento 20 Maio 2016
Estilo de MúsicaAvantgardiste Black
Membros têm este álbum12


1. Prologue 01:33
2. Serviteur du Roi 08:21
3. Ordre de Mobilisation Générale 09:51
4. Mangevers 05:46
5. Gone on the Hoist (G.O.T.H.) 03:03
6. Collectionneur de Poupées 06:36
7. Géhenne 08:22
8. Poisonne 08:53
Total playing time 52:32

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Crítica @ arcturus78

02 Março 2017

Quality over Quantity !!

Wormfood are one of those bands that releases an album once every eclipse (not very often !!) and to be honest, that is fine by me, as I'd hate see this fine gem of a band loose it's way through pumping out albums every 5 minutes like some bands have.
When Wormfood does release an album,you know two things: 1. It's going to be great: 2. It'll suprise you in a way and It's going to be different from the last album.

This band constantly makes me smile, and L'Envers is no exception to this rule.
What I love about Wormfood is this pure talent of the musicians. They're not flat out death metallers, or one trick doomsters, they can play so many different styles and moods and play them well. You can be listening to a soothing piece one minute, then thrown into a dark gothic world the next and then you'll find yourself tapping your feet to an upbeat full on progressive metal moment and then thrown off by a sitar....Yes, there's a Sitar in this album. !!! There seems to be a lot of personality in Wormfood albums and you can tell they are written from the imagination and not just to please the genre crowd.
The vocal performance on this is brilliant. Mr Worms vocals ranges are amazing.He sings clean, croons, and narrates and sometimes does a halfway house between death growls and whispers. Most of the lyrics are in French, and even though I learnt German at school and my French is pretty poor (Limited to 'I like swimming'), I feel as though this language barrier doesn't detract from the whole experience, in fact it improves the experience even further by giving it an even more eccentric flavour.

Musically, it's hard to pin down what genre it is but who cares? There are some black metal-ish passages like on the second track with it's blast beats and keyboards. Some of it is played at a doom metal pace, and then throw in some progressive metal and loads of cimematic and gothic touches.

Going by previous albums, this is closer related to the 'France' album. In fact, the two are connected in a way. If you haven't heard that album then get it if you like avantgarde,progressive metal. This album has lost some of the death metal element of France, and is slightly less orchestral than that album, but what it gained is more structure. France was quite a humourous chaotic effort where as this is more structured, but equally as dark and intriguing.

The packaging of this is wonderful with its gothic baroque imagary, and Apathia and Wormfood seem to of gone to great lengths to give you something interesting to look at and listen to. I personally love this, and it makes me want to pack my bags and move to France and join the darkness over there !!

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