Captain Morgan's Revenge

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Band Name Alestorm
Album Name Captain Morgan's Revenge
Type Album
Data de lançamento 25 Janeiro 2008
Estilo de MúsicaFolk Metal
Membros têm este álbum354


1. Over the Seas 03:56
2. Captain Morgans Revenge 06:47
3. The Huntmaster 05:00
4. Nancy the Tavern Wench 04:53
5. Death Before the Mast 03:18
6. Terror on the High Seas 03:55
7. Set Sail and Conquer 04:38
8. Of Treasure 02:58
9. Wenches & Mead 03:41
10. Flower of Scotland 02:38
Total playing time 41:44

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Crítica @ Vinrock666

12 Março 2009
Alestorm's "Captain Morgan's Revenge" was one of the most entertaining metal albums to come out in 2008. Simply put, this is pirate metal. "Captain Morgan's Revenge" is a highly contrived juxtaposition of classic and contemporary power metal with the ideas and sounds of all that is pirate lore. The cover "Flowers Of Scotland" reveals the folk influence that dominates the writing style on all of the album's tracks. In terms of foreground, the highlighted role throughout goes to the keys. Not only does keyboardist (and lead vocalist) Christopher Bowes doubles as a second soloist (two great examples are "The Huntmaster" and "Terror on the High Seas") but he also maximizes his range to vary his coloring throughout all of the tracks. Everywhere on Revenge you can hear synthesized horns, recorders, accordion, harpsichord, and organ. On "Of Treasure" there's even an actual tin whistle. The guitars here are well rounded, full bodied, and excellent, even if the riffing is pigeonholed to the standard cadences of metallic galloping and dot-dot-dash sequences. Still, Revenge does benefit from this as well as the yo-ho-ho feel of the lyrics and sing along choruses. "Nancy The Tavern Wench" and "Of Treasure" can actually pass off as drinking songs; their to-and-fro groove is that dominant. To add, the overall feel of Revenge is melodic, uplifting, and heralding to the good times. The song, "Captain Morgan's Revenge" is probably the most encompassing of all that is Alestorm including an explosive blast of rhythm guitar in the beginning and some exceptional dueling by the lead and keys. To be honest, one would have to regard Alestorm's "Captain Morgan's Revenge" as more Pirates of the Caribbean and less Treasure Island, but if lowered to a more appropriate level of seriousness, then Revenge can be called a highly enjoyable X that truly marks the metallic spot. Arr.

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