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With the approach of the release of their album "Noita" Cane, historical guitarist of the band "Korpuklaani" has played the game of questions for our site.

interview KorpiklaaniHello! It is an honor for me and for the webzine Spirit Of Metal to interview one of the greatest folk metal bands ever (No! I am not flattering you). You are currently preparing the release of your ninth opus, the album is called “Noita”, which means “witch” in English. What is this witch’s story? Is it a key point of this album?
Cane: Thank you! It’s my pleasure! Yes, we are definitely releasing a new album. It’s going to be out on May 1st. The name of the album, “Noita”, used to mean a shaman or a person similar to that in traditional Finnish. It’s not the key point, but these things have always been close to this band. There’s actually two song dealing with the subject on this album. The cover is inspired by the other one called “Ämmänhauta”, which translates to “Witch’s Tomb”. It’s based on a legend of a witch who lived in Vesilahti,Finland, in 12th century. Her odd wish was to be buried to the churchyard, which was not allowed for people considered as witches. When the witch was dying, these four men started their journey to the cemetery in the secrecy of the night. That’s what the cover is about.

Compared to your previous albums, we can see that the atmosphere is less warm. Perhaps because of the cover. Can you tell us more about this?
Cane: We have some King Diamond fans in the band and I think it’s easy to see the source of inspiration if you look for example “Them” album cover. It was actually Jarkko’s idea to use similar style and colours as King Diamond. We can see this as a tribute to him. I must say that the cover’s coldness is not the whole truth. There is many different feelings and atmospheres again on this album. Also warm and happy.

Theartwork is signed Jan Yrlund. It isn’t the first that I know.
interview Korpiklaani Can you explain this choice?
Cane: Jan has been doing great work with the covers. When Jonne got the idea for the cover, it was clear that our mascot “Vaari” will be there burying the witch. Jan kind of created this our “Eddie” so it was clear that he is also doing this cover.

What is the singularity of “Noita” from a musical point of view?
Cane: Great songs and perfect balance of traditional folk music and rock ‘n’ roll. Same things as always.

You have just revealed the track “Lempo”. It is a refreshing song but also a basic song in my opinion. Can we expect some real surprises?
Cane: Well, I guess there is no big suprises. Basics haven’t change but one could be surprised about the new sound. Especially the folk instruments are more in front. Also the guitar sound changed a little again. Our arranging skills are developing on every album and also our producer AksuHanttu is getting better and better all the time.

Since the year 2013, you welcomed a new accordionist, the twin brother of Toni Perttulla known in the Jonne Järvelä’s solo project, Sami. Can you introduce these brothers and especially Sami in Korpiklaani? What did motivate this choice?
Cane: Sami convinced us with his playing skills already in the first rehearsals. He is very talented player and has been studying music, so the new sound of this album is partly based on his ideas and arrangements. He is playing the, more traditional, button accordion instead of piano keyboard one, which gives the songs even more folkier feeling. Toni is also extremely good player and he was an obvious choice to “Jonne” band as Jonne wanted to keep these bands separated with no same members.
interview Korpiklaani

I’m very curious. Can you tell us more about Jonne’s solo project?
Cane: Jonne is writing lots of music and there was some songs he wanted to make differently than in Korpiklaani. Many of his friends offered their help when he was recording those, so the small home project grew to a big live band.

I was delighted to see you with the band “Metsatöll” on stage in the small town of Cognac. It is often said that you love France and that you often play in small towns, what do you like there?
Cane: People, they are the best! It’s always nice to play small intimate shows with energetic and enthusiastic fans.

What will be your next dates in France?
Cane: Nothing confirmed yet.

You will soon fly to North America with Ensiferum and Trollfest. How is the American audience with you?
Cane: It will be our sixth tour in North America and I’m again so excited to go there. It doesn’t differ much from touring in Europe, but playing tours overseas feels always special. Audience has been surprisingly good from the first tour and it has been getting bigger and better on every time.

Did you listen to some albums released at the beginning of 2015? Which of them are you interested in? And why?
Cane: No, I didn’t. If I listen to music it’s normally from 50s to 80s not much later.

I thank you for this interview and I wish you a lot of success for this year. If you have something to add, don’t hesitate !
Cane: Thank you! All the best for you too. I hope we can fit some France dates in our calendar soon and don’t forget to get your copy of “Noita” when it comes out! See you!
Interview done by AlonewithL

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