Serve No One

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Band Name Centurion (PL)
Album Name Serve No One
Type Album
Data wpisu 14 Marzec 2012
Wydawcy Psycho Records
Styl muzycznyDeath Metal
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album7


1. Total Terror
2. Ego Ultimus
3. Sacrilege
4. Gateways to Condemnation
5. Cut the Throat
6. Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
7. Thy Portal
8. Under the Black Banner
9. Ritual Mass Murder
10. No One to Serve

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Artykuł @ heavymetaltribune

05 Kwiecień 2012

a cross between Infernal War and Behemoth

10 years after the release of their previous full length album, Conquer & Rule, Poland's Centurion finally unleashes their follow up album, Serve No One. Already 3 years in the making, with a new lineup, Serve No One is certainly one album that has left followers of the band waiting eagerly for.

And right from the beginning, the thirst is immediately satisfied as the punishment on the drums assaults the listener's ear without any mercy, and one knows instantly that this is unadulterated Polish death metal in its full glory, with the band for the most part sounding like a brutal death metal version of Infernal War, with the speed that the band goes at. Caesar's vocals are a deep, guttural growl, and these are often backed by higher pitched growls of AD Gore and Bigos, resulting in an effect that reminds listeners of bands like Zygoatsis with the layering of different registers of vocals and the face-ripping speed.

Songs on the album are for the most part extremely short, with all but 2 songs falling under the 3 minute mark, and despite the short runtime, the band manages to crush all mankind with the heaviness of the riffs that are unleashed by guitarists AD Gore and Bigos and the relentless pounding of drummer Demon, with deadly accuracy and precision. On top of the brutality, the band also incorporates moments of technicality such as the complex riffing patterns on songs like Sacrilege. Gateways to Condemnation further increases the heaviness factor with a slow build up in the intro, though the follow up to the intro is slightly disappointing, lacking the impact that one would expect after all the tension that is present in the air. This, however, improves as the song progresses, with the increased focus and intensity towards the middle of the track. Bassist Blacha also gets his presence heard with numerous lead spots given to him, such as those on the intro of Under the Black Banner.

While Serve No One certainly stands as a good album by itself, it adds nothing to bands that have played music in the Polish death metal style, though if one were looking for a fast and energetic album to headbang along to or an album that sounds like a cross between Infernal War and Behemoth, this album is definitely a good pick.

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miniradman - 06 Kwiecień 2012: Cross between Infernal War and Behemoth? OH MY GOD I NEED THIS!
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Artykuł @ GandhiEgo

13 Czerwiec 2012

Varied songwriting and pure mayhem of aggression!

While not the most famous Polish Death Metal band out there, Centurion has been around since 1998 released their debut in 2002 and, yes, took another ten years to deliver a sophomore release after some line-up changes. Initially inspired by the likes of Deranged or Angelcorpse, Centurion is all blast-beasts and devastating Death Metal.

Likewise early Krisiun, Serve No One delivers full blasting from head to toe with very little room for breathing fresh air, hence the final result of ten unforgiving tracks not even peaking at the 30 minutes mark! So yes, the all-blast thing has already been done by other bands like the aforementioned Krisiun, Angelcorpse or Infernal War and yes again it’s probably going to be hard for Centurion to stand above those already established legends but the effort is more than commendable.

First of all, despite the constant aggression and the relatively short duration of the songs, Centurion manages to go in all sorts of direction. From time to time, songs will have a distinct early Deicide flavor, sometimes they’ll be reminiscent of early Morbid Angel and sometimes they’ll feel 100% Polish a la Vader Art of War style. Cut The Throat, for instance, starts off as a renegade copy of Lord Of All Fevers and Plague, with similar riffing and vocal delivery.

If I had to pick the band closest in sound to Centurion, I’d say go for an all blasting version of Lost Soul, who happen also to feature a distinct early Morbid Angel influence. This is also certainly due to the fact that the guys at Centurion do not only blast and impale riffs upon riffs but they also have great melodic soli like Lost Soul. Except it’s much faster overall, except maybe on the longer track Gateways To Condemnation whose intro is about the only breather in the whole album and accessorily is a killer track played live as it works towards a momentum of pure brutality.

So, as I wrote, don’t expect the album that’s going to top High On Blood or Exterminate. Expect rather an album whose varied songwriting and pure mayhem of aggression will certainly please you if you’re a fan of the genre and looking for something fresh. And even if you’re not that kind of fan since the main turn off for such bands is the lack of variety which clearly is not showing in Centurion's sophomore release. Buy this.

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