Serpent's Embrace

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Band Name Agathodaimon
Album Name Serpent's Embrace
Type Album
Data wpisu Czerwiec 2004
Wydawcy Nuclear Blast
Styl muzycznyMelodic Black
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album87


1. Cellos for the Insatiable 04:05
2. Serpent's Embrace 04:15
3. Rebirth 05:41
4. Light Reborn 05:03
5. Faded Years 05:42
6. Solitude 05:41
7. Limbs of a Stare 05:27
8. The Darkness Inside 05:00
9. Bitter End 03:37
10. Feelings 05:26
11. Sacred Divinity
12. Noaptea Nefiintei
Total playing time 49:57

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Artykuł @ ratsnickers

20 Czerwiec 2009
Well, well, not quite a blast from the past but it's been awhile since I've heard anything from this lot (it is in fact 3 years since their last release 'Chapter III'), also I hadn't realized that this was their fourth full-length release.
I have to say that the earlier releases by the band have somewhat passed me by and I never regarded their outpourings as anything more than competant and average, on this cd however I feel they've upped the ante a bit and are finally showing some of the qualities they are capable of.
Described in the press release as 'Dark Metal' (Black metal is rather passe don't ya think?), I guess that kind of covers it quite well, some of the tracks are of the melodic black variety and others veer into the heavy goth territory.
Vocals are shared three ways (Sathonys, Akaias & Eddie Smith) with the former handling the 'clean' parts and by and large it works very well.
The album kicks off with 'Cellos for the insatiable' (interesting title, wonder where that came from?) which carries the 'melodic black' torch with pride, this is followed up by the theatrical title track (big choruses & clean vocals) further 'melodic' treats follow before we hit the exquisite ballad 'Solitude' with female vocals handled by Ophelia over flowing keyboards & synths, the album then lurches back into brutality with 'Limbs of a stare', 'The darkness inside' & 'Bitter end' then follow with the album being wrapped up by the emotional and atmospheric 'Feelings'.
There is a lot in this album to like but good as it is there is that certain something missing that means it won't be a permanent fixture in my cd player.
It is however definately worth a listen and I'm sure many people will love it, the band is definately on an upward curve and I'm sure their next release will be something really special.


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