Into Night's Requiem Infernal

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Nazwa zespołu Novembers Doom
Tytuł płyty Into Night's Requiem Infernal
Type Album
Data wpisu 07 Lipiec 2009
Wydawcy The End Records
Gatunek muzycznyDeath Doom
Tylu użytkowników posiada ten album51


 Into Night's Requiem Infernal
 Eulogy for the Living Lost
 Empathy's Greed
 The Fifth Day of March
 Lazarus Regret
 I Hurt Those I Adore
 The Harlots Lie
 When Desperation Fills the Void

Total playing time: 44:58

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Novembers Doom

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Artykuł @ Broken

08 Lipiec 2009
Another masterpiece from “End Records”


Several days, as a matter of fact one day, ago Label “The End Records” realized Novembers Doom’s seventh full-length album “Into Night's Requiem Infernal”. As soon as I listened to the  album, I was amazed with it. The new album is similar to “The Pale Haunt Departure”, songs are very old-styled as well, but this doesn’t mean that album is bothering. Although album is extra fresh and brand new, I still decided to write down some words, which can be considered as pre-view than review. So here we go.

First, It’s mentionable that Paul’s vocal is still eerie, the mixture of his balanced growl and clean vocals make a wonderful sound, which so fits Novembers Doom’s music. Vocal, powerful guitar riffs and drum full-fills the album perfectly. Instrumental aspect is just incredible. We’ve got great solos, [ “When Desperation Fills the Void” especially attracts me with it solo], heavy riffs, and despite the fact that Joe [former drummer] has left the band, drum sound is very splendid too.
Album starts with pretty powerful track, then there are some ballad-type tracks ,like “The Fifth Day of March” which remains us “Twilight Innocence” from Novella Reservoir. Along with heavy ones, these slow melodies give listener relaxing feeling and creates pleasant atmosphere.
Now, ND’s work is more likely to death metal. There are several elements of doom but, in general “Into Night's Requiem Infernal”is down tempo death. As the album was realized only 2 days ago, there are no lyrics in internet yet , so I haven’t got any chance to read lyrics and perceive the album completely.

In the last word, album is almost perfect, there is only one weak point – art work . Previous album art-works were better, there’s no doubt about it, but obviously cover is the last thing which is important when estimate a music, Anyway album is spirit-crashing, amazing and it’s exactly , what I was expecting from Novembers Doom.
“Into Night’s Requiem Infernal” is highly recommended for every Death/Doom listeners, heavy and reasonable music lovers.

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Artykuł @ great_kthulu

28 Lipiec 2009
    I went into this album with high expectations, and they were not met, they were exceeded.  when you put this disk in, you are met by the brooding, creepy intro to the title track, Into Night’s Requiem Infernal, which builds up into a thunderous, crushing death metal tune which never losses the creepy and evil fell laid down by the intro.  As the album progresses, one is treated to a verity of sounds.  From the stampeding pit crusher Lazarus Regret, to the Pink Floyedesc The Fifth Day of March.  Each member of the band does there part admirable.  Vocalist Paul Kuhr has an incredible powerful clean voice that is used to full effect on this disk,  now his growls, his growls could go toe to toe with George Fisher’s (of cannibal corpse) and come out on top! they are that powerful.  Guitarists Larry Roberts and Vito Marchese play tight and powerful riffs throughout.  Larry does a few solo’s on the album, the best one being on the closer.  Larry is an excellent “emotional” soloer.  This final solo really exemplifies that.  It takes the already powerful emotion of the song and pushes it further down its dark path, but also is played with just enough light to show that there is hope, even “When Desperation Fills the Void.”  Chris Djuricic’s bass fits right into the mix, adding a little extra punch to the sound.  Now the drums, this is Sasha Horn’s first time recording with the band since 1999’s Of Sculptured Ivy and Stone Flowers.  The drums are awesome.  From the impressive tom work on A Eulogy for the Living Lost to the thunderous duble-bass on Lazarus Regret, he definitely knows his kit.
    In closing, Into Night’s Requiem Infernal is an excellent offering from a highly underrated band.  Any fans of thing dark, heavy and melodic should pick this up.  You will not be disappointed.

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09 Marzec 2011

The album opens with the title track, an explosive blast of heavy death metal complete with brutal r

Forming in 1989, the doom/death metal hybrid that's November's Doom has taken the long route to reaching my ears. As so many bands in recent years, this group of immensely talented musicians are brand new to me. The frequency with which this happens has made me question my fandom of metal. Still, I guess we all have to start somewhere and late is better than never. It may even help me to bring a new perspective to the table, without the years of baggage a life steeped in the genre would accumulate. In any case, November's Doom is a strong group with an equally strong focus on what they want to create.

You may not want to listen to this if you are depressed, as it would likely push you over the brink into despair before yanking you into a state of awe over the solid musicianship, creating an emotional yo-yo that would threaten anyone's grip.

As I listen to the eight tracks that comprise Into Night's Requiem Infernal Night, I could not help but have a strange sense of deja vu. I knew I hadn't heard them before, but there are moments throughout that reminded me of something. I wracked my brain as the quintet burned with a dark fire through tracks like "A Eulogy for the Living Lost" and "Lazarus Regret." Then it hit me: I was getting flashes of Opeth and Solitude Aeturnus blended with a little Tiamat and Pink Floyd. All of these bands swirled in my head while the band played on with great intensity, somehow retaining a fresh sound.

The crossing over of doom and death metal seems like a natural combination, and while there are a number of bands practicing it, it is not a genre that has ever or will likely ever burn up the charts. Despite that, I am thankful for the tastes I have gotten and I have a growing desire to investigate more. It is an intriguing blend of in-your-face heaviness and darkly delicate melody. Attempted by a lesser band and the result would likely be disastrous. In the capable hands of November's Doom, though, the result is captivating and just a little depressing.

The album opens with the title track, an explosive blast of heavy death metal complete with brutal riffs, driving drums, and some growled lyrics that deliver a different perspective on the child king born two-thousand years ago. I cannot claim to have heard all of the lyrics, but the subject certainly is a little on the dark side. That is followed by a faster, slightly more upbeat riff filled "A Eulogy for the Living Lost." This track begins to mix things up by introducing some clean melody and singing, while retaining the dark lyrical content.

As good as the opening three tracks are, it is the third one that really opened my eyes to their talent and versatility. The song is called "The Fifth Day of March" and it is almost as if Pink Floyd took a trip to the dark metal side. The song is not fast, brutal, nor in your face. Rather, it slows everything down to a crawl, turns off the distortion, tones down the drums, and is sung in a clean and melodious voice, all this while still sounding like the band that had just burned through "Empathy's Greed." A truly beautiful track.

And so it goes, November's Doom delivers a strong collection of songs that work as a great example of what a doom/death metal act can do. The album features strong production values and has a timeless quality that makes this a keeper.

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