Holding on to Strings Better Left to Fray

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Band Name Seether
Album Name Holding on to Strings Better Left to Fray
Type Album
Data wpisu 17 Maj 2011
Wydawcy Wind-Up Records
Wyprodukowany przez
Nagrany w The Garage
Styl muzycznyGrunge
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album56


1. Fur Cue 03:47
2. No Resolution 03:08
3. Here and Now 03:55
4. Country Song 03:49
5. Master of Disaster 04:18
6. Tonight 03:44
7. Pass Slowly 03:27
8. Fade Out 03:54
9. Roses 04:17
10. Down 03:57
11. Desire for Need 03:33
12. Forsaken 04:19
Bonustracks (Deluxe Edition)
13. Dead Seeds 04:03
14. Yeah 04:28
15. Nobody 03:07
16. Effigy 03:35
Total playing time 46:10

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Artykuł @ An_Unspoken_Slave

02 Sierpień 2012

I highly recommend this to anyone, especially retro fans like myself.

I've been listening to Seether since the very beginning, when people just first started hearing about this amazing band. No other band has moved me, connected to me, and explained such emotional states in my life so clearly and precisely, that I have yet to find another with such a talent. I was awaiting this album for a while, like everyone else who's a fan of Seether.

But when it came out, I felt like I was standing alone in a mist of negativity. Not only did people say it "wasn't heavy enough" but people just didn't seem to like it when it first came out. I loved it. This album does not disappoint. Each song is taken out of their lives and connected to mine all over again. I was slightly unhappy with the last album, but this one was classic Seether all over again.

Country Song was the first song we heard and it's a bit of bad-boy country with rock. I hate country. But this song is amazing, and if you see the music video; it's a treat to be had. There are heavy parts, maybe not as heavy as to say back to Disclaimer, but it's still satisfying to get the job done. Here and Now and Master of Disaster are my personal favorite. They touch on such emotional grounds that I haven't felt in a way since Disclaimer and Karma and Effect. It's like I was connecting with Shaun even after all these years had past. Pass Slowly is the slowest song and I believe it's about his brother dying, and it made me cry and have chills like a child watching a parent die inside from a death. You don't see this emotional connection that often in a song. But you can hear his pain and feel the words as he sings them. Down and Fade Out are catchy and good, with a good story within them whether it's about personal trauma made worse by other people or cheaters. The bonus CD which has songs like Yeah and Fur Cue and Dead Seeds are a CD themselves their so good. I personally love Yeah in it's honesty about things.

Even though the album has a different feel from the last album (which is a good thing in my opinion), it has just as much emotional effect on the listener has Seether had back at Karma and Effect and Disclaimer. Not only is the remarkable sorrow there, but also some positive emotion, for what I can say as a true Seether fan, has never been there before. Shaun has always said things about life in a negative, hateful, and almost spiteful way while still having hope and love in his songs somehow, but Tonight is the first song that I know touched me where I wanted to get up and dance in the streets and push people around and scream in happiness. Never before have I witnessed such a happy thing from a Seether song; it was refreshing and they nailed it right on the head. I highly recommend this to anyone, especially retro fans like myself. I can't see one bad thing about this album other than maybe they didn't have as much heaviness as they did in their guitar compared to back when, but the band changes and we do to. Desire for Need has a really amazing guitar line which I think is has heavy as back when almost, it's one of my favorites on the album as well.

The only, and I mean only negative thing I could possibly see with this is some songs feel the same. And that's stretching it, because each song has a different lyric-story to go to it. I don't know about you, but I love it. It gave me what Finding Beauty in Negative Spaces didn't from a Seether CD and I highly suggest you check it out. Shaun's vocals are amazing, and just the fact that he made up from the lack of a second guitar player and the way that he played Country Song with one guitar is pretty amazing by itself. If you don't know what I mean, look up him playing it live and watch his fingers, to me, that's amazing. I hope you check it out and enjoyed this review. This was my first so I apologize if it's too long or wrong; but I just love this CD.

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Crinn - 02 Sierpień 2012: I can see that you said that there was something negative about this album. ANY album that has anything negative about it (no matter how slight or insignificant) doesn't get a perfect score. Because if there are negative aspects, it's not perfect. Besides, this album is fucking shitty compared to Karma and Effect. I do, though, think your review is well-written. Keep up the good work
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