Ahead to Nowhere - Lycanthropy

lista zespołów Crust Human Error (HUN) Ahead to Nowhere - Lycanthropy
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Band Name Human Error (HUN)
Album Name Ahead to Nowhere - Lycanthropy
Type Split
Data wpisu 2002
Styl muzycznyCrust
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album2


1. So Fuckin' Cool!
2. As the General Taste Dictated
3. This Age Decline
4. Fuck the Police!
5. Keszulni A Legrosszabbra!
6. Concentration Army
7. '56
8. Warshit
9. Political Pigs
10. Human Indifference
11. I Hate You, Fuck You and Kill You...
12. Your Ass Suck!
13. Industrial Suicide (Warsore cover)
14. I'm Sick of It
15. Relativity!
16. Terror Machine
17. Trust the Future
18. No Racial Superiority (Unholy Grave cover)
19. Audio Coma
20. V.P.
21. Anal Hit
22. It Is Really Fast?
23. Cover of Carcass Grinder
24. Grind 'N' Roll
25. Sloth

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Human Error (HUN)