...And Don't Forget to Breathe

lista zespołów Post Hardcore A Static Lullaby ...And Don't Forget to Breathe
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Band Name A Static Lullaby
Album Name ...And Don't Forget to Breathe
Type Album
Data wpisu 11 Marzec 2003
Wydawcy Sony Music
Wyprodukowany przez Steve Evetts
Styl muzycznyPost Hardcore
Zarejestrowanych posiada ten album12


1. Nightmares Win 6-0 02:43
2. Love to Hate, Hate to Me 03:42
3. Withered 03:59
4. Lipgloss and Letdown 04:13
5. A Sip of Wine Chased with Cyanide 05:14
6. We Go to Eleven 04:22
7. The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us All 04:36
8. A Song for a Broken Heart 04:01
9. Annunciate While You Masticate 02:52
10. Charred Fields of Snow 04:50
Total playing time 36:32