Woe, Is Me : Number[s]

Metalcore / USA
(2010 - Rise Records / Velocity Records)
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Murder the man who devoured your god
For these hands like houses will protect you from the storm.


Visitor come to my room and see all the trash I made.
Stay a while, I'm on the verge of laying it down.
A vagabond, and all his trash in search to find his crown.

Your mind is like a candle stick,
My ambitions are constantly burning out.

I'd hate to, rain on your parade,
But everything you know is taken by this flood,
You were blind but there's no hope.
Dig a hole but there's no blood,
Who am I to pretend,
Who am I to recommend there is something less.
Than timelines and whores that drag you back to the floor,
And cut your eyes out.

Find me, oh Saint,
I'm bending, breaking, at my knees, praying.
I've exposed, this earth has taken pride in seeing my,
Most vulnerable state.

I find no humor in letting yourself stray away,
From those pictures.
When they cause you to see shame in yourself,
You can run from your problems.
But they'll follow you like a trend,
One shot to forgetting, six shots to falling in the end.

I was the king, of kings, I stand for one rule, and one rule for myself, as a man.
I will fall and as my son you've watched it all.

Behind every mask, lies a man,
Who can't live in his own skin
He lives by the flask, he bathes in his past,
And he dies by his own sins.


Six feet under the earth is where you'll reside
It's time to see the bastard you've become,
Because I know your father didn't raise you this way
The apple doesn't fall far from the tree,
And everybody says, you're just like me
I begin to lift up my own flaws, to better you

They say my head is my only prison, so
I'll lock you up, I'll nail you down,
I keep you safe, I'll keep you sound,
I'll burn this to the ground
So watch where you're standing,
For this ground sinks so quick
When you are drowning, in water all so thick,
I won't hear you screaming now

I am the monster you created,
And like a mountain we look down on kings
You reside in me, my thoughts and my dreams, won't die

I had a feeling this lie would go insane,
I should stab this vengeance through your name

I will survive only to eat you alive


Hindsight is my only flaw
Right after we fail it's easy
To realize the things we've lost
Push comes to shove,
Their only excuse is we do it out of love

There we flee trying to please everyone that we see fit for the trifold
Behind everything, inside we choose to hide
Because we have the sense to do this for the sake of pride
Business aside

Modest, we condescend,
While you're looking up reaching for my hand
Now tell me, who's the bigger man
Never take your sight of these trophies in the light
Because the thieves of the swell will try to steal our thunder
Expect all is well but they're holding us under
When all we have, is all we know
We've tasted flight, we will forever move this earth

I'd like to thank the devil inside for slamming so many doors
But I thank God for opening so many more

I hold the key to your teeth that preach those crooked words
So hold your tongue before I, rip it out.


You've taken all my will to
Exploit my face behind these hands
And you're far to shallow to drown me in your follies
You wont make it far, this is bigger than who we are
How could you get this far,
With such a bitter plan, building all these scars
Just go ahead, pull us out, to sea, relapse to what you were
Such a commodity for you and me to be lost at sea,
You drug me out here but honestly,
I can sleep and preach much better now, in the clear,
You are not to keen, on your current positions

You're to far out to swim your way in,
You're to far out to swim your way (x2)
Now that I'm back to where I started,
Drifting out against the oceans speed,
These waves will take you farther, into the deep

And I said, that this is the end, the end
(Let's both be honest, this is the end)
Pause, fold, contort, all your friends,
They fell short and sold you out

You're to far out, to swim you're way in,
You're to far out, to swim your way [2x]
When all is said, and done,
We face the problems we thought would never come,
These treacheries, will claim you.
I feel your hands inside of me.


Leave me here, biting my nails, breaking my stride,
I put my faith into your desolate life
Happen so fast that I won't be afraid I won't be afraid
Three years blessed, I gave it my best,
It's time to put it all to rest
Your present is my past

Through my eyes, I've seen nothing but time,
Forty four thousand lies
Straight from your putrid mind
High tides drag you through the decades of nights,
At anguish cause you'll never know
Why, loved ones who turn out your lights,
Seem like they care

I am an island, and you're the tides
That pull at my feet,
But now she's sinking in this void

Aging, forcing my nerves
Cut your chords, count your chores, stop using yourself,
For fruitless scars, just cut your chords

And your back will keep breaking,
From this glass house, that you have created
Hear me out, your heart is to heavy, to heavy for trust
So build me a promise and take my advice a word from the wise
A fault confessed, I have redressed,
She feels such unrest, so pray so fucking pray
For tonight is your last.

7. I.

Timid, broken loner this ghost town,
And it drained the hate from his mind,
Now there's nothing left inside

Rumors, and lies, are all you've got, they're all you've got
Mother , Father, where have you been, I needed you

What have we become, mere shadows,
Standing alone, inside and out,
This incarceration is tearing me down (x2)
Oh have I become a mere shadow standing alone, inside I cry out,
Screaming I make no sound

Screams, he finds, I'm the one who haunts her dreams.
Her life torn at the seams, I'm the one who haunts her.


I stand here as a man who holds his ground,
So silence your hands,
I'm everything you once held dear.

How can you sleep

How can you sleep at night,
Too many you were rights,
I have no home,
My home is non-existent
So long,
I was here but you missed it,
So kiss this,
I hope you know you pissed it away.

So cut me out,
Just knock me down,
Lifeless I may feel,
And I'm slowly finding out,
Life is full of bitter things
I won't shed a tear even if it stings,
Hit the road my spirit and all my clothes,
Who am I,
Who the hell knows.

Tie my words,
Around your neck,
Never forget.
For I've walked the path of men,
I've stood my ground,
I've earned my crown,
And this is where it ends.

I will hold their hands,
I will walk across this sea
They've stood behind me,
And they'll follow me till death.

Never speak to me like you are some kind,
Of hidden prodigy you're wasting my time
You will never make it in this world,
It's all in your mind.
Well that's ok with me I think I'll be fine,
I don't need a shitty home to be on top of the line,
This interstate is making me the prime,
Example of what it means to follow your dreams

So watch.


I think you've just about lost, your sense of self,
Your foundations are crumbling down

I told you so, told you so
Don't be the one to say you know what's right
I told you so, told you so
Don't be the one to say you know my heart
Don't be torn from your roots, you won't live in this pursuit
You won't survive above this ground,
It won't be long until you're home bound

Stop pretending
Drawing the lines you're not concerned about me,
I'm losing confidence, why do you show no mercy (x2)

These branches are burning,
These branches won't pull me down,
Back to the ground, where I am standing, safe and sound

Who are you, to tell us who we are
Who are you, you're a fiend, you're a liar,
And I will summon the hands of a fighter,
And you will know, who we are (x4)

You say you know who I am, you'll only bring me down,
You'll only bring me down, you left me cold at home,
To fight the foundation and the walls are crumbling down (x2)


Out in the everglades,
Sleeping in with the poor is a fortune for the brave,
I can easily say that we will never change
But be implacable and never lose your flames.

Wouldn't you say that the world has spit on you enough.
Unanswered prayers, sleeping under streetlights
And I don't understand the danger of talking them up
Every night,
You salvage every skyline,
Only enough so that you might have the chance to feel fine.

Swear to God I believe we've had enough trying to save the world,
Did you hear me,
We have had enough.

This is how we close the show,
So sit back and listen,
Cause it's not over yet.
You think you know us
Well you don't know shit.

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