Wishbone Ash : There's the Rub

Hard Rock / United-Kingdom
(1974 - MCA Records / Island Records / Geffen)
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Silver lady, lost in a haze,
Rregretting what you are
The memory of your claim to fame
Is left to bitter stars
It hurts when people let you know
You're not a movie star
It's harder now than yesterday,
As the lines begin to show

Waiting, crazy hotel lady,
To try and get some wine,
Waiting for the elevator
To take you to your blind

Silver shoes and see-through blues
Hit me right between the eyes

Cocktail bars, straight-edge cars,
Are your dreams come true
Tomorrow shouldn't know it,
But now it's showin' through and through.

It hurts when people let you know
That you're not a movie star


You walk out your front door
And say that you found love
That's how the best things start,
That's for sure
You ought to know that ain't around anymore

That's where you're at,
I'm at, baby,
'Cause that just doesn't pay
Now steal your stolen car, ride it on

Oh, you seem to think it's cool
That they stay out all night
I only want to know where you've been,
So let's get back today

So go down, child,
To a rock'n'roll show, alright,
You seem to think it's cool
To stay out all night


There's a light that shines on Persephone,
Always a fire in her eyes,
And the last time that I went to her
I could tell things weren't right

I just don't care to see your years go wasting,
There's no longer magic in your eyes

In your time, you could outshine everybody else around,
But your off-stage ways might be a bore
You take a bow, you take a fall

I came to be here in the footlights,
To live with you through every song,
And your face displays a peaceful field
I can't believe the curtain has to fall

Now I know your years were never wasted,
Tonight I saw the magic in your eyes


I have traveled the line,
Held many hands on short holidays,
Made a lot of noise
In the strangest places far away.

Only for a day or two at a time,
I've been moving with the wind
On my side,
That puts me free and easy in my hometown

I said I'd stay alive
I guess I didn't tell a lie
I told you I'd come back again
And I'll say the same again next time

I've been living for a day at a time
Movin' with the wind on my side

You don't know how good it feels
I know I'll never want to go away
You don't know how good it feels
To be with you again
I know I'm comin' home to stay

I'm sayin', it's nice to be back home
Among my friends
It means a lot to me
And your love
It never ends


Hear me when I cry,
Listen to my song
Jay, my lovely lady,
To the earth she did belong

I, a country serf
Loved her all my life,
But the manor lady's bright young son
Can take her for his wife

Under forest branches
She came to me,
Until the day she cried aloud
A father I should be

That was the last time that we met,
I never saw her again,
For she took her life on Princetown Moor
To save my worthy name

She found Death's open arms
And lay in their embrace
I watched as icy fingers
Clawed her lovely face

Now I stumble through the mist
To where they laid her in her grave,
And daily I'll remember
Flowers for my Jay

Far beyond this land
I will take your hand,
The spirit of our love will live forever
Far beyond the clouds
We will laugh aloud,
The spirit of our love will live again

6. F.U.B.B


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