Winter's End : Into the Sea

Symphonic power / USA
(2020 - Self-Released)


1. 4AM

Even stars die

In each moonlight dream
Lies a world at peace

Fragile things are dreams
And the sunrise kills sleep


Wine flows before dawn
So the sunrise doesn’t shine too strong

Old scars seek shade
Where they were born
Where they still burn

How was there a time when evening spread against the sky?
In a minute there is a time
In a drink; a lullaby

Falling forward
Each glass breaks
Grasping chains
Each drop stains

Watch each star die, so dies each lie
The lying smile breaks
Just shells remain, always the same
Still the old guilt stains

Crying for shades to return to light the candles
Drowning the mind just to breathe
Just one more night, and when that’s too hard to handle
Just one more verse
Just one more dream
Just one more lie

Hazy thoughts
Breathe hope to all that rots

[Chorus A, Chorus B]

A faint ray begs a massive leap
In quiet desperation
Yearning for the rocking cradle
Swayed by songs from ghosts in shells

That cradle rocks no more
Those songs are faded whispers
The ray is dimmed to stony sleep
While snow falls free; while fire’s leased

Long into the abyss
Slouching past Bethlehem
There calls a pale light beyond
Cast by the morning’s Son

Have mercy, have mercy, have mercy
Forgive me

Hiding in shade by the long-forgotten candles
Drowning the mind just to breathe
Just one last night?
No, that’s too hard to handle
Just one last dream
Just let me lie


Winds that roared so long ago
Return to desecrate the snow
So many times I wrote the words
Never meant to be heard

In fields of white where all has died
Red renews long-dead life

Awake, shiv’ring to old nightmares
Dreams I fear and adore still;
With each new page
I’m searching for new words
Still your petals fall free
Smearing the ink

A rose in the ice, thawing and freezing for years
O, such is our fate my dear, I know
I will wait, for each thorn’s cruel kiss
‘Til the end, ‘til the night
I can hold you again

But with love born wrong
Winter never ends

Diving off the bergs
Escape into the sea
Peering through the dark
Into glacier-glass

Reflections lack desires
And so the current sighs
Guides me back to ice
To crimson and white


Howling with the storm-winds
Wand’ring bare tundra
Losing to that current
Ceaselessly borne back to the past


Nature’s chain
To show the unseen

In search of truth in ash and clay
Reality is losing strength
Between the rifts of real and true
Discovering a different view


Both will show us what we know
But what we cannot see
A mirror is an artist’s core
Fragile, sharp, and free

Framed in a vista
A world less forsaken
Giving the picture to a world used to taking

Woven like canvas
Torn at the edges
Framed under tension
Unsure and unquestioned

Drowning and dreaming
Silent and seeing
Bound and believing
Found only in feeling

Mare di sangue

And when the seas claim the earth again
What they wrote will be sung in each swell of the waves

And through their work we sometimes see
That which they could not find

A sense of what it all might mean
The world they left behind


No poet and an empty page

My songstress

Pages unbound
Waves crashing down
Ink-bloodied sea
Sharks come to feed

Lulled to sleep by your Judas-kiss
Thaw before the frost
Guided through the forsaken mist
Never count the cost

Erase the story and break the pen
The symphony falls silent
So dies the glory of mice and men
Fall victim to the siren
No poet and an empty page

Venomous quake
These walls will shake
Ceiling collapse and the
Windows will break
Stones are torn down
Back in the ground

Eden lost to snakes in the grass
Peace that could not last

Every word is gone
Every note is white
Every soul’s a song
Every love can fight

Pages as clean as dawn
This day is ours to write

Only if surrender is signed
Has destruction won
Pen in hand and poem in mind
Stories have begun

Rewrite the story and sing again
Behold the new horizon
Rebuild the glory of mice and men
A brighter sun is rising
No poet leaves and empty page

Pages are turning
Candle-light is burning
Light up my empty page


All the nights pass waiting for a chance to seize the day
Tides draw back and lie in waiting; they return the same
Joy belongs to nature’s children, not to just the best
All too often minds are burderned, trapped until their death
But no more

Awakened we all seek
We conquer every peak
Finding our dawn

Where the sky and the sea become one
Where the orchards of life had begun
Where the dark and the shade is undone
When we see every weed as a rose
When the net in the waves overflows
When we know that the time never slows
Laughing; we rekindle dawn

Light is found in every crevice, in the smallest deed
When no oak is found among us we must plant the seed

Les fleurs les bougies combattront les pistolets
La peur elle-même est la seule chose à redouter
Les fleurs les bougies combattront les pistolets
La peur elle-même est la seule chose que nous devons craindre

;歌词由 添加 ericb4 - 修改此歌词