Warrant (USA) : Belly to Belly

Hard Rock / Etats-Unis
(1996 - CMC International)
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We all start out as beautiful as spring
A midnight summers dream
So innocent we look upon ourselves
And we wish the whole world well
In the end we want it all
In the end we take it all
In the end apart it falls
In the end there's nothing
We bear no scar in our conscience
Clean and smooth
We kiss the breast of youth
As our eyesight fades with age
We put on horn-rimmed glasses
And we work our lives away
Buy the pearl
Sell the world


Take everything that I own
My destination's unknown
If I started to yell
Could you even tell
Would it do any good
Mr. Misunderstood
I'm not asking for change
I know it sounds strange
But it feels kinda good,
Feeling this bad
I'm invincible
At my all-time low
And it feels good,
Yeah feeling this bad
I'm at the end of my rope
I just remembered a joke
Have you heard the one...
About the one I've become...


I'm alive and you're alive
And don't we both deserve to be happy?
We realize we're not the same
So no one here should take the blame,
It's o.k. to walk away and live to love another day,
This is not a fairytale
This is life
And sometimes life fails
Thought I'd let you know
Just before you go
It's alright
Make your brand new start
But keep me in your heart and you'll be fine
That's reality
As water flows beneath the bridge
We're learning how to forgive,
As milk spreads out across the floor
We both agree it's not worth fighting for
Nothings perfect except for God
and a California sunset,
So we're not perfect it doesn't mean we're bad
There's a place in the sun for everyone
You've just got to find it
Good luck with yours
I have to go and find mine

4. A.Y.M.

Generation X
We are complex
Angst is the perfect wave
Ride it and be well paid
It all sucks by the way
I wrote a new song today
So upset with all I have
And the world is such a drag
I've become my own cliche

I am an angry young man
I am an angry young man
AYM angry young man

Repeat the past
It's a gas,gas,gas
Make all the same mistakes
That all my heroes made
Pretend that I hate fame
How dare you misspell my name?
Hurts so bad I have to fix
Apology read by some chick
Another million in the bag


Once we were so close we were fused,
Belly to Belly
And now we're standing back to back
It's strange that we should be feuding

Once we were so close we were joined,
Forehead to forehead
Now we live in our own little worlds
We don't speak the same language

Who am I? I am you and I
Who are you? You are me too
Who are we? We are you and me
Who are they? They don't matter anyway

Once we were so close we held hands
Into the evening
Now we drift into a pea soup fog
We're lost into different directions
Et tu indian giver


I keep talking to myself but the words seem someone else
I'm ready to bleed all the shit through my veins
I'm ready to plead for a cure to the pain
And I am amazed that I'm still semi-sane

I'm falling down, my world is spinning round
It feels like I'm flying, the feeling is lying
I'm falling down, falling down

I am a monster, I'm not well
No mirrors so I cannot tell
There's a zoo on my back
And a cloud on my soul
Where I once had a heart
There's a bottomless hole
I wish I could get back an ounce of control

I can't see beauty in anything
I can't tell where I'm tripped up
Where I fell
I'm a piece of candy cane wedged tightly in a drain
Day by day, dissolving away



In between where I've been and everywhere that I want to be
One piece here and one chip there, I am broken beyond repair
Why should I care?

Soon you won't be able to see me at all
If the sun shines down on me tomorrow
Will it fill me up or leave me hollow?
Not quite disappearing altogether
I'm here but I'm never solid..

No one comes and no one calls
I might as well not be here at all
I crack up, I break down
On a ledge above solid ground
Please talk me down

9. ALL 4 U

Your voice is a song
Sweet and long
I sing along
Your eyes are like pools
Bright and cool
They see through fools
I'll never change my point of view
(I wanted you to know the truth)
That everything I'll ever do
I do for you
All for you
Your hands make me feel
Feel for real
Feel so healed
My love is so true
And my love is all for you
Your voice is a song
Sweet and long
I sing along


So you think my exterior seems a little out of focus
Because I don't talk in cliches that people try to use to stroke us
I don't care too much for clicks and gangs and little sewing circles
If you want a place in this rat race I say run out and join the circus
If you look inside my head
You will see things that you probably shouldn't see
Because my outside is off-center
But I guarantee it's stranger inside of me
Have you ever felt like pulling your insides out
Cause they're burning
You feel caged like an animal that wants to fuck
And you're yearning for something strange, unexpected
Unexplainable to happen
that either kills you, leaves you hurt or makes it hard to stop from laughing



My head is floating in the clouds
My feet are in the ocean
My body is earth bound
My mind is an explosion

Right on time with that line
I'm a kite up in the sky
I don't want to wonder why
Don't stray to far away
I want to feel like this forever

My soul has caught the perfect wave
My spirit is my lover
I hope it rains for forty days
I will walk across the water


First thing he does
when he climbs out of bed
He searches out a place to
drink his daily bread
He wraps himself up tight
in alcohol
It keeps him warm at night
like grandma's shawl
When he was a child
with everything planned
and his body was clean
Now he sits all alone in
a room with a view
with the brick wall he's run into
Life has a way of leaving
people like him stained

First thing she does
when she goes out at night
She sells a smile to get
what fills her up inside
She brings plenty home
and slowly gets stoned
in a room by herself
Alone in a room with a view
of the brick wall
she's run into
Life has a way of leaving
people like us stained


I fade to black I turn to grey
When ever you have gone away
I can't decide what I should eat
Without you I am incomplete
When you're back I have to say

When I'm sick and tired
You make me well
Any little thing
You do I can tell
You make me feel
Like nobody else
Like nobody else

Hold my breath till I turn blue
I try to think of things to do
Try so hard to watch t.v.
It always ends up watching me
Dying to see you


Ohh, like nobody else
Nobody else, No-Oh No-Oh
Nobody else

I fade to black I turn to grey
Whenever you have gone away
When you cry it hurts like hell
And if you die I kill myself

Yeah, Oh, Yeah
When you make me feel bad
Any little thing on my mind
You do I can tell
You make me feel like...

Nobody else
Like nobody else...
Nobody make me feel like you do
Makes me feel like you do
Makes me feel like you do
Makes me feel...
Yeah, nobody else
Nobody makes me feel
Nobody makes me feel

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