Uriah Heep : Firefly

Hard Rock / Royaume-Uni
(1977 - Bronze Records / Warner Music Group)
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Crush into the arms of Satan
Reaching for the hands of God
I'm robbing ev'ry mind of wisdom
Running so he won't get caught
He's out the law by majority
In branded all his live
And some say that he's a sinner man
As he rides from day to night

He's a bad man so they say
Livin' for his life and livin' free
Running swift and secretly
So we'll miss the hanging tree
Wounded spirits on the wind
Ridin' to his dream and destiny

He's locking up the wall of posters
Calling for his friends to see
Laughin' loud as he rides away
Kicking up the dust with speed
Time hunts him down the pathway
And freedom is the horse he rides
Glory is the dream he's after
And fortune is his hearts delight


Ho yeah

I'm coming home
I've been away for too long
I'm leaving it up to you to understand

You may wonder why
When it was me who said the last goodbye
But can I change my mind one more time

It's high time
I can't wait any longer
It's my time to find out who I belong to
It's breaking my heart, waiting for another day

When the time comes you won't see me around
I've been patient, stand in my ground
Got to see you and hold you
Hear what you have to say

Do you wake up in the morning wanting me
The same old way I always wanted you
And in the same breath you keep holding me
Does it ever occur to you

I've been without love too long
To stop now
I've been away too long

If you've ever cried
Then you know the pain you felt inside
Just like me you pay, it's all untrue

But time along will tell
If you have learned life's lessons well
And maybe then you know what I should do


(No lyrics available)


I sat before the wise man in the autumn of my youth
And I told him all the things I had to know
He said you heard the future if you need to find the truth
And in his eyes I saw that it was so

So I came around and asked him the meaning of live
And as he smiled I saw a twinkle in his eyes
He said with all his years there's still so much he has to learn
And once again, I saw that it was so

Keep on living low and wanting for your turn
Is the only way to ease your concern
If you want to find your dream for sure
You don't wake up too soon
And you'll find that he's a shooting for the moon

Wise man, wise man
Which way should I run
There's so many roads, so many ways to turn
I'm like a blind man, lost in the sun
I wanna be like you and be a wise man too
But I'm looking for an easy way to learn


All that she wanna do is break my heart
Seems to me we were laughing while apart
Time was waitin', you took a pile and put me down
Well I've some news for you, it's gonna turn you around
I got no time for those crazy letters
Any games you want to play
'Cause a love like mine, it's gonna take some time
You can't save it for a rainy day

Do you know, do you know, do you know
What I'm trying to say
Love's not a game
It's never the same
You've got to live your life from day to day

Lonely days are sad it starts me black
Can I get right down, maybe I take you back


Oh lord
It came as a daybreak
But surely arrived
Opened my eyes just to be sure I was alive

Another day
Ends much the same
Twenty four hours for me to try again

I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on

It came as a judgment
We all have to face
Think of how you bring me joy
You bring me disgrace

I take your challenge
Then I get some motion
I reach on my beliefs
Against my sin

I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on
I'm rolling on

Rolling on and on and on forever
Yes I am
Rolling on and on and on together

I'm rolling on
To where I don't care
Crystal ball you let me down again
Rolling down the road I've never seen
Meeting people seeing places I've never been


Sympathy just doesn't mean that much to me
Compassion is now compassion in my mind
And if you're looking for a shoulder to cry on
Don't turn your head my way
'Cause I'd rather have my music in a day

You and I are master of our destiny
We look for consolation all the time
Till we find out things are not what they were meant to be oh no
And if it doesn't suit our mood we'll call it crime

Dedication is not an obligation
All I think about someone's imagination
It's the only way to say to live from day to day
To make each passing way a smile succession

Dreams are the possession of the simple man
Reality the fantasy of youth
When living is a problem that is common to us all
We love the only common road to truth


My love lives at the end of the rainbow
One day I'm gonna fly there on a firefly
High above the wild endless water
With a love song in my heart

Someday somehow I know I'm gonna get there
I've been patient for so long
All my daydream seems so much nearer now
And I beg you hear my song

Firefly and your glowing wings are right
Till I sit beside this dream of mine
Firefly high on the rising tide
Only wanna touch the things I've seen

Stepping in lighting from star to star
Cross the wilderness of youth
Wondering how much in love with me you are
'Cause I'm so much in love with you

Firefly can you take me
I ain't had no loving lately
Firefly bring me love
To my new horizon
The one that I still got my eyes on
My my Firefly

In my dreams you come to me
The answer to my prayer
As I begin to feel you warm my heart
I awake and you are not there
Now and then I see your eyes
As the star begin to shine
No rain to cool my passion
No not now you're mine

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