Treasure Seeker : A Tribute to the Past

Power Metal / Allemagne
(1998 - Treasure Hunt Records)
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Follow us into the deserted town
It's the town of the forgotten sounds
Many rooms with different grounds
It was enchanting what we found
"Take the pearls of merit, they aren't just a little bit"
The game has begun, and so the search goes on

We're here to find the best, it's a Tribute to the past
The sound will ever last, it's a Tribute to the past
We didn't live in those days
But we pray the same prayers
It's a Tribute to the past

Watch the casket lying deep in the sand
You can see its precious outwards
The view breaks out, immediate!
Now let's open the timeless gate
Come on people follow me directly into the treasury
That's what we want, on our treasure hunt

It's not the waste, it's not the rest
It's a Tribute to the past
It's not the withered, it's not the last
It's a Tribute to the past
We are the guardians of the heritage
Bring them all back to be the rage
Try to kindle for the keeper's sake
We are the guardians of the heritage
Bring them all back to be the rage
Again to be a rising fireblade


[Originally recorded by Saint]

I woke up bright this morning
Another sunny day
Life was treating me real cool
Things were going, going my way
Then I jumped into my chevy
Built to the top, four on the floor
Boaring through the streets at day break
I wish I'd known what was in store

How could I know this would be my
Last day on earth
All the things that I've acquired
Now it seems they have no worth

Too late for living
Suddenly life is gone
I drove the center line
Acting like I knew it all
And I wound up in a faster lane
Heading for my fall
Well I see the light but it's too late
For me, I'm gone

Too late for living


[Originally recorded by Stryper]

Speak of the devil
He's no friend of mine
To turn from him is what we have in mind

Just a liar and a thief
The word tells us so
We like to let him know
Where he can go

To hell with the devil
To hell with the devil

When things are going wrong
You know who to blame
He will always live
Up to his name

He's never been the answer
There's a better way
We are here to rock you
And to say...


[Originally recorded by Leviticus]

You are clothed with majesty and glory
And cover yourself with light
You spread out the heavens like a tent
And built our home on the waters above
You use the clouds as your chariot
And ride on the wings as Your messengers

Flashes of lightning as Your servants
To Your servants, servants, servants

Flames of fire

You bound the world together
So that it would never fall apart
You clothed the earth with floods of waters
Covering up the mountains
You use the clouds as your chariot
And ride on the wings as Your messengers

You spoke, and at the sound of Your shout
The water collected into ocean beds
And mountains rose and valleys sank
To the levels You decreed
You use the clouds as Your chariot
And ride on the wings as Your messengers


[Originally recorded by Bloodgood]

I am the witness of disaster
It seemed the only way was down
I saw the wicked in his scheming
I heard his victims crying out
Why do the evil prosper, his victims crushed
I see the shadows growing, I've had enough

Out of the darkness into the light
I heard ten thousand cry
Out of the darkness into the light
Turn or you will die

My God how long will you forget me
O Lord I need to see your face
The enemy has come against me
He laughs at me, prepared to slay
Yet I will trust in You, Lord, my heart will sing
I'll wait to hear your voice God, you'll hear me scream

Out of the darkness into the light
See the demons flee
Out of the darkness into the light
Jesus, set me free

You are the helper of the helpless
The adversary has no might
I hear your voice of thunder, the lightning strikes
The night will flee before you, you'll win the fight


[Originally recorded by Rez]

The hands are frozen solid on the face of saving grace
Where infidels and harlots choose a blackened burning place

Silence screams
The echoes roar
Silence screams

With idiots and mannequins and charlatans in tow
Circus clowns and lunatics and ladies dressed for show
In a sullen field of chaos where dead men still have dreams
From the pressure in these spaces silence screams

The folly in our passions
The prisons of desire
The foolishness of bigots
Tinder for the fire
In bitterness and exile
As brutal as it seems
In the coldest darkest spirit
Silence screams

You knew - you heard the truth

You understood - you knew what to do

To receive Him - believe Him


[Originally recorded by Jerusalem]

There goes a warning, a warning in the nation
There's an army ready for invasion
There's a banner flapping in the wind
There's a battle declared against sin, against sin

They will always make the devil nervous, Join the army
They are cutting deep, far below the surface, Join the army

There's a people who knows to speak the truth
There's a people with no dignity to lose
There's a people that never pretend
There's a people with healing in their hands

And they are coming in the spirit of Samson, Join the army
Nothing is too big they don't pay attention, Join the army

Rebels of Jesus Christ, with music like thunder
Rebels of Jesus Christ, never, never, ever under
Rebels of Jesus Christ, rebels of Jesus Christ
Salvation, miracles, and we love you

Rebels of Jesus Christ, with music like thunder
Rebels of Jesus Christ, never, never, ever under
Rebels of Jesus Christ, swinging their weapons high
And we're fighting, and we're coming, and we love you


[Originally recorded by Force 3]


[Originally recorded by Bride]

I'm standing on the sword of the Dragon
He can't pull it from beneath my feet
Down in the darkened cavern
In the field of blood I'll watch him bleed

Watching the smoke rise from the wounded hero
Standing dazed in the acid rain
A bitter taste in the air
I hear the danger of the tightening chains

Heroes, heroes, heroes are not here to stay
They will all fade away
Except the one who raised

I crawled through the ruins of old
Beneath its rubble lies a city of gold
His hands are chapped and bleeding cold
Returning all the riches that had been stolen

The people stand in the street and stare
The hangman releases his chilling cry
The heavens split to see the earth
The serpent is wrenching his silence sigh


[Originally recorded by Creed]

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