The Melvins : Stoner Witch

Sludge Metal / Etats-Unis
(1994 - Atlantic Records)
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You gone sold you for you lie
Caught in a holder, yeah
She done hit him roll you go
Caught in a hollow yellow, yeah.


As a measure of the soul
Ever done run bring your fear
You and me, we got the same air goin'
Breathin' here
You got send to toad water, you been
Like someone left to cold half breathin'
Maybe me and the Queen could take another over
Walk it away, yeah

Oh little wish it away
I got time to wish away
Little wish it away

Head look about the free
Like a dumb mum bring a wheel
I might take the tee mind over
Load and see
I done kicked a hole wide lookin'
A gapin' half to free mind mover
Maybe me and the Queen can give a side order
Love it away well

Oh little wish it away
I got time to wish away
Little wish it away

She don't hang.


The free day ready to cheev like a sordid ray.

He make a motor clean he shake it luck in yesterday.
Life inside your smile ringin' through your tail.
You got a motor and it's so ready I
I got a motive, sorry I don't.


Freedom on like stems from walk away.
You gotta hold your time,
You gotta hit it with the right of way.
Maybe black too far for any like the one seen.
In a way it's sane,
Either way it's gotta mean.
Red sister might be chokin'
But I ain't about that kind.
Answer me with the rhythm of a body that was born to lose two times.

Hey big Bodie
He says deny but your for tin lie.
Head my shoulder
Big boat deloves, big boat deny.

They might try to hide
But they have to have some more dead sense.
You might be right
Like a ball in the wind.
Poison dandy lifeforms crime.
Mix both down cross,
Sticky pedal the line.
The flavor might be missin'
But he acts to cross that anyway.
You can bet he can diddle with the promise in the power of another day.


Two of you sold my wallet.
One of you stole my tie.
Didn't you say that you're watching?
Do or die.
Venomous strange appears.
Three of you standing by.
Didn't you say that you've got it?
Watch me eye.


O Di
They've gone and left me for her other way
Each every time I think the wheel around,
It's gone.

I've got a reason for heading home
It's not serene,
It don't make sense to me.
I've got the four eyes blooming under half of my bed
Seems to tingle as the razor ball, it cover and claw
I see it shine
I see it stare
Holding heart
In my hand.
Take the master morgue and make her have him sitting offside
Let the glory boy of Mr Henry have it on rye.

Pass us some normal meat
Keep us insane
Bores who take away
Feel it.
The habits survive
But old of his hand
Guised in moment he
Teeny hate.

O Di
You should've known you could have rested on me
Each every time I kept the real alive
You took me for the drive to feel the feat
And it's hard.


And the prophet holding man
Sings as to where I find it
5-0 the gingeree
Missing all, missing all.

Keep out
Be war
Need freedom

And the prophet injury
Lap warm and hold and keen
Been lord in time
I like the warm and I.


Maybe once and maybe came away
I took a quarter of your witches
Fed them all aside
The weaker of the fortunes mystery
Hasn't yet all appeared to me
But then I never wanted more than three

Shade's know any reason
Flames are all I see
Reality's been forsaken maybe
Stirring all on a lee

So it seems and so it's came away
Might be the voicing frighten
And so it's gotten me
The weaker of the fortune's mystery
Has finally pissed indee
Indeed, made it for the eve

Shade's know any reason
Flames are all I see
Reality's been forsaken maybe
Stirring all on a lee
Now they're gonna burn me
Make all my flesh away
Real green turning half ball shaken
Leave me for a day.


Low soul in a manic
Feels so only queen
A deep tripe for a wander aimless
Just fakes his green
Cause I say no you're mine
And I'm no only nine feed
You got a cross confusing my ages
Not yet more me

Cause I say you're in a ready
Bleach-hearted boy wretched voice indeed
A prosthetic you waiting to destroy

Two sides to Dylan's haw hee
Feeling like a cemetery
Karpick a what is in me
A drill a sin try to kill it
I sit on a quire haw hee
Gettin like a titty single only
A bottom make a cell it's time to bleed
Tee, la-la hee-hee

Pig try to give it to you
Killin' like a hundred an fifteen in
Feed Birmingham.


It's nice to take a narrow man
And hold in a heaven
Grab it hold of for lamb
You try to deafen me
And leave it for shaving
Man over for same, yeah
Ben stars in all my wars and more, they're
Gonna act in emergency
When he beats them down and haunt it all away

It's nice to pick a lame vein
And mold it for metal
Raw load is a gran
Budweiser eppen me
Ex-ect us for favors
Why one does a hang child
Piston story yeah
And sorta sorry
Wind highs are living
Well you all come cold
When we sell are soul.




How - How does it - How does it feel?
How - How does it - How does it feel?
How - How does it - How does it feel?
Do you - Do you feel inclined?
Just tense
I got friends
Do you know
Not so easy as mine, is it?
Been telling lies
Go blind
How's your protocol?
In order to, uh,
Just beg, show the times
In the wrong state of mind
What do you mean? My lungs are fine.

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