The Firstborn : From the Past Yet to Come

Black Avantgardiste / Portugal
(2000 - Guardians Of Metal)
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Hear me!
I pursue an illusion
A crumbling reign in decadence
I pursue my destruction
Renew my strength, renewed existence
Stronger than blacksteel!

For Chaos is the law!
A perfect void, full of emptiness
A perfect reign, dying decadence
I am at war with myself..
This bloody battlefield is but my mind
And peace is a memory left behind!

Twin serpents reign
A divided domain
The sphere of thought
In which I died... Not!

Stronger than blacksteel
Repent and kneel!
A new king is born
Now, truly, the Firstborn!
Stronger than blacksteel
Repent and kneel!
The wheel turns,
And a dead kingdom burns!

...And fire will purify!
This dead vortex revives...

For Chaos is the law!

Twin serpents slain
A revived domain
The sphere of thought
In which I died... Not!

Stronger than blacksteel...


Balmed... In Chaos!

Perched upon the crystal wings of catastrophe
I foresee the connexions revolve!
Like memories of a sweet Apocalypse
Dark seething matter
Let Death slowly crawl!

A renewal of the Curvature...
And the void's airless rapture!

Shrouded by fog!...

Paradoxes breed,
In quintessential chemistry...
Eclipse the woe with the joy of the kill!
Forever sworn to "be"...
Expecting, awaiting, the ultimate...

"...He is a spirit... of... despair."

Feeding on the essence of the vulture,
And the void's airless rapture!

Shrouded by fog!


"...And, like a blind man perceives not a colour,
Be it jetblack or bloodred,
So are the weak unable to recognize the virtue...
Of strength!"

Such are the words, ever inscribed
Upon our chests, yet unveiled
Such were the deeds, ever forlorn
Commandments of the firstborn...
History has indeed hasty flight
Yet ours is an unsurpassable might!


Devoid of myth, the Grand Conjuction is here!

(Hear...) The cries of the Monolyths!...
"Thus, heaven-sprung Rebellion chcarges forth,
It's heralds laughing in contempt..."
As our quasi-eternal lethargy
Moves aside to let great wrath ride by!


For we are the sleeping Titans
Still in wait!
We are the sleeping Titans
Stone awake!
We are the sleeping Titans...

Bring the time...
Enslave the material prime
Beyond the translucid dreams of Old...
Confining the one word (Chaos!)...

Solemn, fallen...
Knightly autocracy, subjugate reality!
Into the decadent pride lost in a lone caustic dream
And a newborn universe's hopeful gleam



Bring to naught the Eidolons of Doom!
And the transubstantiation of the vacuum...
Transfuse thy faith unto the self...
Throughout the boundaries of the infinite
Behold the streams of time invert...

Thus magnified
And undefied
Let fate comply...
Visions and clairvoyance
From the past yet to come...

The trappings of Fate
The impetus of Hate

"As the void of the Chronomancer
Is overwhelmed by Death
And Divine Fire consumes Millenia
Of foolishness,
May the wise truly see the righteous Path
And have their limbs cut off to wither
In Madness..."

Before the transubstantiation of Doom
Bring to naught the Eidolons
Of the vacuum!

Visions and clairvoyance
Form the Past yet to come...


To flagellate the psyche divine,
To ease the pain with yet some more...
Shatter the will's thinning line
Release the brilliance of the unconscious

"Beyond sanity's vortex and the limits predefined,
The mind asunder in a chamber of lunacy confined..."

Forever and ever...

A prisoner of the mind!

Thus, force the will
Break the chains

That bind you to pain
Wrought in delicate crystal...

Transcend the boundary
Of dogmatic sanity
And the arrogance of ignorance...

Such is thy scourge!

The wise man among the fools
The clairvoyant among the blind
The flaming torch in the dark of night...
Leaving this dead world behind!

"...And the blade sinks deep, deep within
As the strands of flesh lose their grip
Behold your prison, your body dying
As the spark of life slowly slips away..."
Transcending to a superior level,
Forlorn by all...
Emerging from death-like slumber!
Forlorn by all!

Breathe, inhale...
Arcane poison of death!
Breathe, one final time...
Taste the wine of Death!

Now, behold the past
Gaze upon all you lost
For the sake of "superiority"...
No turning back,
Just looking back
Living your death in misery

Such is thy scourge

"Live for never... Superior and dead!"




7. MILLENIA ANEW ('Firstborn Pride' Saga - Part II)


Deathtimes of Terror Revive
Lifetimes' black holes collide...
Concepts connect, insane
Horrors gasping in pain...


Shatter the flux of time!

Hours, years, open wide...
Devour aeons unborn
Leave the answer undefied!
Forever forlorn...

Never to be answered...
Never to be questioned...

The creation of Millenia Anew
Is taking form,
Taking by storm,
Everyone but few...
Left to rule!

The maturity of our kind

Born first!
Heralds of hopelessness...
Born first!

Keepers of divine madness...
Born first!


"A revived terra...
A revived universe...
The balance has been broken!
Chaos is here to conquer what has been
Left to conquer...
Ah! The sweet taste of confusion...
The maturity of what has been old!"

The maturity of our kind!

8. JERUSALEM 1099 (An Acoustic Introduction To 'Darkheart Crusader')

"Years, decades, centuries it seems have passed,
Since leaving that I once called 'hone'...
On to find the most holy sepulchre
In the city of God, Jerusalem itself...
Fire and blood seem the only faith we spread,
Death and pain, and also wealth for some...
For we were promised eternal salvation
Upon reaching the Tomb of Christ
I know, though, that I've felt indeed the fear
Of finding, of reaching, someday, the true 'me'...

Such is our crusade...
Our Holy Pilgrimage...

Our divine (or not) fate
To gaze upon a mirror's image
And look upon our souls...
To rid oneself of the Woe,
And do battle Antioch's ghosts
Such is my dark-hearted crusade
To battle the guilt, the anger,
And, at last, finally, the silence...
The maddening silence!

Will their spirits ever leave me?

I wonder what destiny holds for me, in the white walls
Of the holy city.. Jerusalem..."


"Crushed Allah's shield at Tarsus, Nicea and Antioch"
Low price for our souls...
"Storming through the odors of Syria, wolves among
The Turkish flock"
Burn them out of their holes...

Lost like a child in the blackest night
I fight the night and it's ghosts...

Darkheart Crusader

"Storming unto the white walls, covered in blood and sand
Pressing on against Plague, Hunger and the Foe
Knights of no land, Lords of no men
Crusading for our own lost souls..."

Darkheart Crusader

Torch their lands
Inflame our hearts
Soil the sand
And our dark hearts
With the blood of the Infidel...

"March in Christ's name and God's shield
Unto the city of Light... Holy Jerusalem!"

Darkheart Crusader


Awakened, centuries beyond what's to come again
The unborn paradigm's harbinger...
Thy crusade as incomplete as then
Confined in the flesh and the soul of the voyager...
And thy Sepulchre!

Vagabond in time
Searching for the First Question...
Intoxicated... In Death's sweet wine!

Torn in space and time!

Outlasting his peers...

Born of space and time!

"Traveller of the black beyond..."

Lost in his fiery search for a path...
Outlasting his fears, longing for death!

Hesperian knighthood of Old
Crusading into Eternity
Lost in the labyrinths of the soul
Into infinity!

Conqueror of Destiny...
The Sepulchre's last Martyr...

"Tear through the fabrics of time..."

Born of space and time!
Hesperian knighthood of old
Crusading into eternity
Lost in the labyrinths of the soul
Into infinity!

"Traveller of the black beyond..."


"Shatter the barriers of vulgarity..."

Wander forth, wander forth
In multiple paraverses
And a mindstorm's dark recess
Wander forth, wander forth
Vault the seas of superspace
Revisit the genesis of our firstborn race...

The psionic prey
Within psionic sway
Torture, torture
A reconstructed future...

Beyond the fantastic
Behold your parallels in a crystal maze revived!

Through temporal stasis...

Illusion of space, phantasm of time...
A barrier untouched, a force yet unseen...
A spiral unending, magnetic moontide...
The black hole lures you into a lucid dream!

Drifting in the winds of infinity!

Aghast in newfound mystery,
Strangle the tyrannic continuum
In eight-fold relativity
Worship the holy vacuum!

The psionic prey
Within psionic sway
Torment, torment
The dogmatic ascendant!

"Gravity begone amidst the labyrinths of futurity!..."

Into the crystal maze!

12. FORTRESS OF (Firstborn) EVIL

Pick the scent of Death... And follow me
To the other plane!

Whence ebon fires grant you sight...
Beyond the realm of blinding light!

Allow the eyes of the mind,
To part the world behind...
In bloodstained tragedy!

Eccentric dreams beyond,
Multidimensional ecstasies...
Adrift, among...
The ghosts of a thousand dead!

Ecliptic stars galore
Drivespace fantasies
Eternal, vain war
Forever dreaming red...

Fortress of Firstborn Evil!
Tower of Iron Will...

Do you meet it's challenge?

The ghosts of a thousand dead...


Drown in the divine unconscious,
Engulf the upcoming centuries
Clenase the material prime and it's memories
Behold the firstborn uprising
In unity and war...

A lethargy of aeons untold
Emerging like a sulphur-breathing fiend
Let fire, pain and horror unfold
Like a banner before the one wind

Engulf! Devour!
March once more to the glory of war
Arise, in Draconian splendour...

Draconian March!

"...and, phoenix-like, from the ashes
of a Myriad of Worlds
In sorrow, anger and rage reborn
Colliding in rapture, eight-fold seeds of havoc
Woven into the hypnotic pattern of the universe
In the expectance of dimensions untorn
We awoke..."
Six dragons arose!

Draconian march!...

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