Terror (USA-1) : Lowest of the Low

Hardcore / Etats-Unis
(2005 - Trustkill Records)
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1) Better off Without You
From nowhere I first saw your face. You knew everyone, everything. You thought you were above us all. Ran your mouth for attention, looking for acceptance. Came around with so much to prove, but no one here gives a fuck about you. We're better off without you, so much better off, without you. Make your claims, it's all the same. Big mouth, no heart. My hate for you just fucking grows. In and out of every trends. Never backed the things you said. The loudest are the first to go, so fucking go. Seen your kind many times. Big mouth, no heart. In shame, disgrace. Fist to your fucking face.

2) Don't Need Your Help
You're so fucking quick, to lend a hand, to take my side. Now what do you know about me? Just want to be a part of everything. And I don't need your help, I'll do this shit myself. When I was down and out, I never heard from any of you. So i picked myself back up, and my few true friends pulled me through. You'll never take from me, you'll never gain from me. So what the fuck is in your heart? That shit was empty from the start.

3) Nothing To Me
Searching and searching just to find yourself, every time I see you, now you're someone else. Build your image to mask the hollow insides. Build your image, is there substance inside. Never have, never will, all that shit means nothing to me. I see through the fashion parade, it's so fucking fake. Never, it means nothing to me. Look inside your heart, that's who you fucking are. Sometimes it's all you are. Build your image, to mask your hollow insides, build your image because some things you just can't hide.

4) Keep Your Distance
Born into hardened hands, with clenched fists and bloodshot eyes. Words of hope were never used, just retribution and solitude. Keep your distance I'm nothing like you. Keep your distance I don't need you. I've got no trust to give. I've got no heart to break. Nothing for me to fucking lose, because I never had a fucking thing. Keep your distance. I'm nothing like you. Keep your distance. I don't need any of you. I'm nothing, nothing like you. Wish I died, the shit I've been through. So don't ask me why I'm so fucked up. Born to lose to lose, so I fucking lost. Keep your distance from me.

5) Another Face
You think you fucking know me, but you don't know a fucking thing. So much bullshit, it surrounds me, it won't affect the way i live. Trouble has always been there, always been by my side. I'll do the best with what I got, it's not a lot, but I know I'll survive. There's another face, that won't be around for a long time. And another day, best believe I'm pushing on. Everyone, everywhere has changed so much. Time and time again, I've fucked things up. All my hopes and dreams, have been gone so long. Now I know, my future is fucking dead. Nothing was ever handed to me, but fuck that now I can't complain. No one ever showed me the way, so I fought through life to find the next day. A lot of ugly that I've found, slapped me right in the face. Overcome truth before trust, in myself I must believe.

6) Push It Away
We've got to push it away. I walk alone among my enemies. We've got to push it away. I am alone, no regrets, no shame. Hate is surrounding me, my addictions killing me. So much shit forced in my head. Still this world won't see me dead. I walk alone among the abused and decieved, lost in this wasteland, killing for our lusts and greeds. I am alone, no regrets, no shame. So stay the fuck away from me. Nothing but enemies.

7) Life and Death
So many times left alone. This was my only home. Again down on my luck this is all I fucking got. You think it's sad that I'm still here. Well save that shit cuz I don't fucking care. All I've seen, all you've taught to me, is forever instilledi in me. You say you fucking live for this, but what the fuck did you ever give? I gave everything. You know I'll die to keep this alive. Because of this ever dies, I fucking die. Life and death for me.

8) What Have We Done
I've got broken arms, not longer can I take the weight. My eyes are blinded I've seen so much shit and I can't relate. It's getting hard to breathe, sickness it floods our streets. There's death everywhere, how much should I care? What the fuck have we done, I can't believe. As humanity falls, I blame us all. The innocent is our pray, no one is safe. Where's the end, bring the end, am I dead yet. As we fill our dreams, we destroy everything. The poison is inside of me, it's got a hold of everything.

9) Lowest of The Low
What is it like to choke on every word you said. What is it like to shit on everything you had? Lowest of the low. I'll never fucking be like you. Lowest of the low. Now sink into your fucking hell. What is it like to become what you once despised? What is it like to pile lies on top of lies? Lowest of the low. So now you sink into your hell. All the people you used, it's coming back at you. All the promise broke, on them you fucking choke.

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